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This is a STOP sign which lights up when you apply the BRAKE of your motor vehicle.

It is suitable for Cars, Scooters, and Motor Cycles.

I have made the Cirtuit Diagram for AC and DC type of vehicles.

You can buy one but making it is fun and cheap.

Step 1: STEP-1

As you can see here that this little device can be fitted to any vehicle having a BRAKE LIGHT working on a Contact ON spring switch.

The concept is not new but it is cheap when you make your own light, out of a kids pencil box.

Older VEHICLES work on "magneto" or AC Generators for which a AC circuit is required.

The modern VEHICLES work on a 12 volts Battery, for which a DC circuit is required.

Here I have shown the circuit diagram of both types of currents AC and DC.

Step 2: STEP-2

You need a KIDS PVC pencil box for construction of this Instructable.

Drill holes for the LED's on the cover of the pencil box.

Step 3: STEP-3


66 -RED LED's.
22- Resistors 1/4 watt of 120 Ohms.
1-PVC pencil box.
2- pairs of Nut & Bolt to fix the unit to the vehicie.
Some electrical wires, solder, and insulating tape.

This circuit is for vehicles having battary for its power source.

Follow the circuit and soldier the LED's as shown in the diagram.

THREE LED are joined in SERIES with a Resistor and then they are joined PARELLRL to the main line.

The leads of the main line is joined to the wires of the BRAKE light in parellel.

When the Brakes are applied the both the brake light and the STOP sign lights up.

Step 4: STEP-4

This circuit diagram is for old vehicles which runs on AC generators.

The circuit is same but a bridge rectifier and a voltage stabilizer are added to the circuit.

4 Diodes IN7004 makes the Bridge rectifire.

One AN 7812 IC is the stabilizer. It works from 0 to 18 volts.

Step 5: STEP-5

Check the LIGHT before connecting it to your vehicle to see if it is working properly.
Check for loose and dry solder.


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