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Introduction: Storm Trooper Head Cover

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Being a true Canadian I couldn't let Red Green down and not enter the Duct Tape Contest.

I was trying to come up with something unique to make with duct tape, then it came to me while my wife and I were eating dinner at one of our local golf courses! I saw someone's golf bag that had the gopher from Caddie Shack as a club head cover. Since there was no way I could make a gopher ( I couldn't find furry brown duct tape anywhere ) But they had black and white. What is black and white...? The dark side and the good side of the force!! Star Wars... my kids loved Star Wars! Wait a minute... storm troopers are black and white! Wow, sometimes I scare myself with how my thought process works.

I recently saw on Instructables a fellow who made a replica divers helmet entirely out of a 1/4 '' thick black foam floor mat ( neat idea ) so I decided to use it as a base for the storm trooper helmet. The rest is duct tape, masking tape, crazy glue, hot glue, a used head cover from a thrift store and a small piece of 5'' pvc pipe to act as a mold.

Step 1: Forming the Dome

I calculated that I would need around five inches in diameter for my driver to fit, so I found a piece of 5'' PVC pipe to use as a mold, with an old plastic bowl taped to the top.

Starting with a piece of foam 16'' long ( circumference of the outside of a 5'' piece of pvc pipe ) X 11'' high I put painters tape on to what would be the outside and drew a line 3 3/4'' down ( one quarter of the circumference ) and divided it into 1'' increments.

I made up a plastic template to use as a guide to cut the foam. After cutting out the foam with an Olfa knife I wrapped it around the pvc pipe and taped it together so I could glue the pieces together to form the dome. I used crazy glue, but hot glue would have worked just as well, and it probably would have saved me from gluing my finger tips to the foam!

Step 2: More Gluing

Once the dome was complete I glued a triangular piece of foam 3'' x 1 1/2'' between the joint directly below the dome, then by using some fairly course sand paper ( 80 grit ) I smoothed out the dome.

Step 3: Forming the Lower Helmet

I measured up 3'' on the back side and folded the foam back on itself and held it with a few clothes pins so I could glue the two circular light vents . I used a piece of 3/4 '' plastic pipe to get them even.

Once those were glued in place I removed the clothes pins and glued the back permanently to the inside. I had to add a couple of relief cuts to get it to go tight inside at the back.

Step 4: Face Shield and Head Band

Next I made a paper template and traced it onto a piece of foam and cut it out for the face shield and did a test fit by temporarily holding it in place with masking tape.

I cut a 7/8'' strip of foam for the head band and added the two pieces above the ears.

Once I was happy with the positioning of every thing I out lined the pieces with a marker. I made sure not to have any tape under the face piece or the head band so I could glue foam to foam

Step 5: Applying the Duct Tape

I then proceeded to cover the exposed area with white or black tape ( triangles for the dome ) , including the head band and face piece, leaving any areas that required gluing free of tape.

Step 6: Gluing It All Together

Using hot glue I fastened the face shield and head band in place and added a few pieces of black tape across the bridge of the nose and below the eyes to finish it off.

I purchased an old Callaway head cover from a thrift store, which I then hot glued inside the storm trooper helmet, turning it into one galactic head cover.

Step 7: Conclusion

I haven't had a chance to take this out on the course yet, but since it's duct tape and foam it should hold up well against the weather and I look forward to the amusement it will provide my golf buddies. I think Red Green and the members of the Possum Lodge would be proud :-)

You know how I have to end this.

Thanks for checking this out and

May The Instructables Force Be With You !!!


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    3 years ago

    Thats very creative. Keep up the good work


    3 years ago

    A duct tape build this sophisticated would surely just frustrate old Red. It's likely to be attention getting out on the links. Keep your stick... um... putter on the green.


    3 years ago

    Such a cool project!! I bet it's going to be a fun conversation starter once you take it to the course. :)