everybody needs a computer you can use it to watch videos, read articles, play games and evan work!! the problem is since everyone has one they all tend to look the same a boring black box i suppose if you want to be a "gamer" you can add tacky flashing lights or glass side pannels. you could also water cool it but thats alto of work, has a steep learning curve, could break your hardware, and can get REALLLLY expensive especially hard line dont get me wrong jayz 2 cents builds amazing computer they look amazing but evan water cooled pcs are starting to become more main stream what if you could make something cool as all balls but didn't break the bank or be that hard INTRODUCING THE OTHER TYPE OF LIQUID COOLING SUBMERGED OIL COOLING WAHOOOOO BAYBE btw first instructable :P

Step 1: The Princapal

so as most people know liquid + electronics = bad so why did this idiot dunk his brand new expensive computer in mineral oil. ok so the problem is that most fluids are water based an water is verrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy good at picking up ions from everywhere from the metal pipes from the metal pipes, the tap, random particles, cutlery left on the tabel where ever.but oil on the other hand heyy thats not made of any metals its mostly hydrocarbons. and side note oil is a bit better at conducting heat then air (if you evan care about that lets be honest your doing this for looks) soooooo thats good .

Step 2: Build or Buy /recycle

the dilemma build or recycle, since this is cosmetic it dosnt matter the spec but if you wantttt, a subtle recommendation might be to increase the heat sink size just cuz the fan wont be spinning as fast but its not really a big deal but the oil reduces the general temperature a nice one is the cooler master hyper t2 if your upgrading the stock cooler. but honestly you dont really need to evan use a computer it could be anything an xbox, a playstation or hell evan a tv remote. honestly now that i think about it, you could probably use a phone submerged in a tub of mineral oil i wouldnt recomend it because mineral oil dissolves rubber and that s the gaskets on waterproof phones are made out of them. which brings us to part 3


now if your using an old electronic thing keep in mind its coverd in dust grab yo self a can o air and spray that sucker down you dont want any dust gunking up the mineral oil and making it groady af so while were at it lets also get rid of everything anything that mineral oil gunks up with so look for stickers and clean them off with alcohol and get rid of random stuff made of rubber make sure the power supply wires arnt made of rubber if they are, you can get a new one or replace the wires or get extenshions

Step 4: Disassembly

i dont know what your taking apart but assuming its a computer start by taking out all the stuff on the mother board your graphics cards, expansion cards, ram , motherboard headers, (What do you call the next generation of motherboard? A daughterboard (sorry)), heatsink and plug em all up especially if you plan on using that motherboard sometime in the future i havent found any slot covers for ddr4 but hers some for ddr3 nd pci 16x grab some extra long cables some of your components cant sit inside the tank like the hardrive, cd drives, fan speed controllers (why)

Step 5: Pick a Tank

self explanitory find something to put all the stuff in maybe something clear but you could ad a bubler and put it in a couldrin it should be something watertight and insulative like glass, or plastic /acrylic it shouldnt be to deep because you need your mechanical components to sit outside and the rear io to stick out thou you dont have to you could just have extensions running through.

Step 6: Build It

ok so you need to find a mounting solution if your acrylic is thick enough thread in some m3 headers (heat it up first it might crack be carfull) you could also glue it down using silicone

Step 7: Conclusion

hey its done do you want to add under glow? buy some led strips and stick it to the bottom of the outside

Step 8:

Step 9:

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