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How to make a totally waterproof submersible 1 watt led module

Step 1: ​Things and Parts Required

1. 1 watt SMD led (three of these, 3.6volts and 350mA current )

2. Aluminum heat sinks for mounting led

3. Some thin wire

4. Resistors (100 ohms)

5. half inch pvc pipe about 12 inch long

6. half inch pvc coupling

7. Led lens

8. Silicon sealant

9. 12 volt adapter (1 amp)

10. Thermal glue

Now here how to get all the things assembled first step is to solder the led to the heat sink the best way is to apply some thermal glue to bottom of the led and just place it on the heat sink and in that manner it will be easy to solder it after completing the module it should look like this.

Step 2: Housing for LED

Once you have done that it time towards the next step which is making a body for the module for we are going to use 1/2 inch pvc coupling first of all take coupling and led lens and put it in the coupling, it should rest on the inner ring of the coupling like this.

Step 3: Fitting the Lens

Once you have confirmed that it is sitting right on place take some silicon sealant and apply a thin bead to the inner rim of the coupling now this is the tricky part of the job so u can use a toothpick for applying the sealant after applying it place the lens on top of it as placed early this will ensure that there is no gap between the lens and rim and it will serve as a water tight seal. Make sure to wipe off excess of silicon on the front side of the lens or it will reduce the amount of light coming out. Let it dry at room temperature for 24 hours.

Step 4: Water Proofing the LED

Now take the led which we have soldered earlier and apply a thin coat of silicon on the soldered ends and all where there is open metal what we are doing here is that in case some water is leaked inside the casing then the led will not rusted until it is repaired so this step it for extra protection of your led. Let it dry at room temperature for 24 hours.

Step 5: Time to Assemble Every Thing

Now take the ½ inch pipe and cut about 1 cm in length, this piece will be keep all the components inside the housing and water out of it now we have to stick it on the back of led heat sink with silicon in such a manner that the wires are coming out of half inch pvc pipe, it should look like this make sure to seal every opening with silicon to ensure water tight seal Now when everything is completely dried it’s time to assemble the submersible led light

Step 6: Electrical Connections

Now after assembly again seal the joint between the pipe and the coupling with silicon don’t do it with pvc glue otherwise it can’t be reopened when you have to do maintaining work on it. Make at least three of these modules so as to turn them on now for this we will connect them in series with the 100 ohm resistor

Step 7: Testing

I have made 9 of these because I had an adapter of 1 amp which can power only three sets of the leads you can make even more sets These are easy to make and affordable in fact these are very cheap as compared to the commercially available submersible LED lights Once made correctly these light can give years and years of service without any problem these are submersibles but u can use them above water also like to under light some of your favorite plants so that you can enjoy them even in dark I am using them in my pond for almost two and a half years. If you have any questions you can post them in the comments section.

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    5 years ago

    why the 100 ohm resistor?

    jawwad lodhi
    jawwad lodhi

    Reply 5 years ago

    the led which i have used is 3.6V 1 watt led and it consumes 350 mA of current so to have highest possible brightness out of led i settled on a resistor value of 100 ohms. you might be having a different type of led or say, led from a different manufacturer so just experiment what fits best for your 1 watt led, but the value will be close to 100 ohms. Good luck !!!


    5 years ago

    Those are neat! It gives a really cool effect :)

    Dashing Rainbow Dash
    Dashing Rainbow Dash

    Reply 5 years ago

    They would probably look even cooler if they were RGBs.