Introduction: SUPER Basic Split Stitch

Using the simple split stitch, it is easy to create a sampler.

Warning: Both the scissors and needle are sharp and should not to be used by children.


- Embroidery hoop

- Embroidery thread

- Needle

- Pencil

- Scissors

Step 1:

Use a pencil to lightly draw the desired shape onto the piece of fabric.

Step 2:

Insert fabric into hoop.

Step 3:

Thread needle with a foot and a half long thread.

Step 4:

Pull until thread length is equal on both ends.

Step 5:

Knot the thread twice.

Step 6:

Following the desired design, insert the needle vertically at the bottom of the hoop and pull up until tight.

Step 7:

Insert the needle downwards and pull down, continuing to follow the desired shape.

Step 8:

Using the tip of the needle as a guide, find the middle of the previous stitch and pull up.

Step 9:

Follow step 7.

Step 10:

Follow step 6.

Step 11:

Continue this process until the design is complete.

Step 12:

Knot the string as close as possible to the fabric on the back of the fabric (the side not going to be displayed).

Step 13:

Snip off excess thread.

Step 14:

Lightly erase pencil markings, if any remain.