Introduction: SUPER FLITE

Hey every one my name is vishnu Nambiar and I am 16 years old and am in this blog. I will be showing you how you can build a ultra cheap super durable Aero model of your own .

I started to build this project when I finished my 9th grade and it took me over an year to get a practical ,

durable and convenient flyable design.

My first model was based on Arduino in which i used 2 Arduino nanos to build my transmitter and reciever. For my trans reliever modules i decided to go with the 434mhz rf modules. In terms of the design for the model i decided to go with a very peculiar design called the flying rectangle - practically it was seen that issue that the custom built trans receiver had a lot of noise issue and was not stable at all. The same was the case with other modules like nrf24l01 and etc. Hence it is not advisable to go with a custom made Rx Tx unit.

Step 1: Basic Requirements

The key to cost cutting is to choose your electronics very carefully.

The most expensive of all is the radio used.

Here is a list of components that I used to build this project.

1) motor- 1400kv brushless motor which can operate on voltage ranging from7.4volts to 11volts. along with 30amp esc (750rupee/10$)

2) radio - flysky ct6b 6channel computer based programable receiver transmitter price-(29.52 dollar/2100 rupee)

3) servo-towerpro 9gm servo3$ or 210rs

4) push rods and control services are a must buy parts, as, with out them your control services wont work

Battery -For my battery I used an old battery from a hp notebook pc . so here i did not buy some fancy li-po battery is 11v and has a capacity of 2200mah. you can easily get an old laptop battery from ebay at very cheap price.

To charge my battery I am using a local 12v dc voltage regulator instead of standard lipo chargers.


If you live in INDIA (BANGLORE OR DELHI) I CAN TELL YOU THE EXACT LOCATION AND THE EXACT SHOP FROM WHERE you can get these components just comment down and ask me.

To build the structure of my aeromodel i have used corrugated sheet which was lying around in my garage ,so i didn't spent any thing to make my structure.

Step 2: Building Your Design

For building the structure you have a whole lot of choices to choose from ,so you can build a structure with thermacol,foam board,cardboard etc.

designing the aircraft depends upon your creativity and logical thinking . Hence the perfect way to do this would be to choose a design of your own according to your requirements.

if you need the measurement and plans for my model just let me know by commenting down below so that i can provide you the exact plans, besides this here are some YouTube channels from where can find a design of your choice

1)samm shepard

2)tesla details- search for the noob tube rc plane it is a design similar to mine

3)samm shepard -

4)flite test -

Step 3: Some Very Important Tips to Keep in Mind

1) if you are building a aircraft which is on a bit heavier side (i.e over 500g ) you can go with a 11v battery and

a large propeller which in my case is a 10 inch one.

2) using a center of gravity calculator you would know the cg point of your aircraft .your aircraft should be balanced at that point .

MY MODEL IS A WORKING FLYING MODEL. I do have a flight video but i am not uploading it as is a very short clip recorded on my first flight.

this is the link to my YouTube channel -

in case if you want to see a flight video then please let me know and i will upload it on my youtube channel .

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