Introduction: SUPER! Gym Bag

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Even superheroes need to work out! This gym bag will hold clothes and disguises alike!

 outer material (cotton, nylon, canvas) For the size in the photos, I got 1 yard
 material for lining (*Optional: If you are using a thinner print cotton like I did. I used one yard)
bag zipper
sewing machine
card stock or pattern making material

Step 1:

1. Draw a circle on card stock and cut out. Use the pattern to cut out two circles of fabric (or four if you are using lining) for the bag ends.

2. Determine the circumference of your circle (diameter x 3.14). For my 11 inch circle, the circumference was 34.54.

3. The rectangle for the main part of the bag will be determined by the size of your circle and zipper. Since my circumference is around 341/2" and my zipper is 18", I cut out a rectangle that was 351/2" by 25" which allows for seams. If you are using a one way print, you can half the circumference measurement and sew the two pieces together so the print faces the right way on both sides of the bag (unlike mine, d'oh).

4. If you are using lining, sew the lining to the wrong side of the printed bag ends and rectangle.

5. Optional: I used some red trim on my bag ends. It isn't a necessary step, but it adds a little bit more finish to the bag. Just sew the trim or piping to the long ends of the printed fabric with the raised or finished edge of the piping or trim facing the inside.

Step 2:

1. For the handles, cut two rectangular strips from your extra fabric (or one long strip for a shoulder strap). Sew down one end and the length of the strap and turn right side out. Pin where you want them to sit on the bag. If you are doing two straps, make sure you pin them evenly on each side. Sew the handles down securely.

2. If you want pockets and pouches with your bag, it is easier to attach them now. I wanted an interior pocket with some smaller pockets on the outside to hold my gym lock and iPod. I also wanted a pouch on the outside to hold my water bottle. You can use the leftover fabric scraps or any other fabric scraps you have on hand.  I just did simple rectangular pockets. Sew down three of the edges and turn right side out. Sew them onto the inside or outside of the bags.

3. To finish the bag, fold the rectangle together with the lining facing out and pin the zipper in place. Sew the zipper into place with a zipper foot. Sew together the ends beyond the zipper.

4. Pin the circles to the bag ends (lining facing out) and sew. Turn the bag right side out and you're done!

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