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Introduction: Robot Battle Mech!

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There is a moment in an Instructables Author life when he (or she) has to honor the only and one Robot. It's my turn, so I decided to make a Robot toy with a manga style robotic battle armor. So I call it the SUPER ROBOT BATTLE MECH, INSTRUCTABLES GO! (If you have seen the "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GO!" TV cartoon, you will understand the thing with the name).

Basically, is one of my classic vibrobots designs made of reused plastic caps and oven knobs. Its right arm spins creating the movement, while the left arm has a triple LED raygun. It works with 2 AAA batteries.


My song of choice is "Robot, eres formidable" (Robot, you are formidable) by Capitan Memo. It's the spanish theme song from the classic anime TV show "Festival de los Robots". The verse translation is the following:


Robot, eres formidable
(Robot, you're awesome)
Robot, siempre luchas por amor
(Robot, you always fight for love)
Cruzando por el Universo
(Crossing across the Universe)
Tienes la velocidad de la luz
(You have the speed of the light)

Cuando encuentras el mal siempre cambias tu cuerpo a metal
(When you find the evil, you always change your body to metal)
Tienes armas secretas, Gigante, no te vencerán!
(You have secret weapons, Giant, they will not defeat you!)

Step 1: Stuff!


1 black plastic case (I use one from a damaged lamp)
4 dedodorant caps
2 mouthwash caps
1 big plastic cap (I use one from a liquid detergent)
2 oven knobs
1 toy motor
3 Big red LEDs.
1 Switch
1 AAA 2 batteries holder
4 Alcoholemeter mouthpiece
1 facial cream plastic jar (complete)
1 facial cream plastic top
1 old telephonic socket
red and black wire
screws and bolts
Tin soldering
Various plastic pieces for making the claw and decoration


Dremel Rotary Tool
Wire cutters
Screwdriver kit
Soldering Iron
Super Glue

And don't forget the classic M.C. Langer's building rules (plus one):

1. If you don't have it, replace it!
2. Use protective equipment (dust mask and goggles)
3. Beware of drilled and soldered hot surfaces
4. Work in a good ventilated area.
5. Always have junk in stock
6. Enjoy!
7. Listen good Robot music.

Step 2: Electric Diagram

Before you start making the arms, see the electric diagram. The AAA batteries box will be in the mech's back.

Step 3: Legs

The damaged lamp plastic case will be the body. For every leg you will need a long screw, an oven knob and a deodorant cap. Drill the center of the cap and the knob, pass the screw and attach to the body. Make two legs.

Step 4: Weapon Arm

Make the arm using one deodorant cap, the liquid detergent cap and the plastic stuff you considerer looks good. Attach the caps using screws. Take one plastic cap that fits inside the detergent cap, and make three holes for introducing the LEDs. Pass the wire across the arm and make the circuit according to the diagram. Atach the finished arm to one body's side.

Step 5: Claw Arm

I made the claw using three wiper parts and one plastic piece I found in the street. In the center I drill a small hole and I fit a plastic gear for attaching to the motor. I made the arm on the same way of the another, replacing the detergent cap with one mouthwash cap. I fit the motor and the I fit the claw.

Step 6: Body and Electrics

Attach the batteries box to the back and finish the circuit. Decorate your mech with plastic pieces of your choice.

Step 7: The ROBOT

Make the Robot with the facial cream jar, the socket and the four alcoholemeter mouthpieces (for the arms and legs). Make two holes in the bottom of the jar and insert the socket. Make two holes in the cap of the jar and insert the mouthpieces for the legs. Attach the other two mouthpieces to the sides, making the arms. Fit the Robot's legs to a plastic cap.

Sandpaper the Robot, and apply spray Primer and yellow spray paint. I used a clip for the antennas and plastic pieces for the decoration. Use black marker for the mouth, eyebrows and rivets.

Step 8: Ready... GO!

Attach the Robot to the Battle Mech, and now you have your SUPER ROBOT BATTLE MECH, INSTRUCTABLES GO!! (anime music, please!)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Your stuff is awesome. Great work and cool song. I hope you can get rich from all your cool toys.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    most of all i liked the song on the video....good work 5 from me


    Its Its AWESOME 5 stars try and market it for a mcdonalds toy you would be banking the $$

    M.C. Langer
    M.C. Langer

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Mack!! It's an awesome idea!!!! :-)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! The Instructables' robot looks adorable.

    M.C. Langer
    M.C. Langer

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks ChrysN!! If you like it, please vote for me! :-)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    cool, the instructables robot looks very good! i would have chose mr. roboto for the song, but thats just me.