I have wanted to make many instructables before now but this is the first time i followed through with the plan. The others ended with just a bunch of pictures.I may complete them in the future but for now, this is my first.

I wanted i way to mount my go pro to my suv and this is what i came up with. The magnet i used is overkill but i didn't want it falling off as i do a lot of off roading. 

material list

1)  1 heavy duty magnet - found at neighborhood TrueValue hardware store.

2)  1 package of GoPro "spare parts". found at BestBuy

3)    several alcohol wipes

4)  latex (or comparable) gloves

5)  heat gun - already had

6) packing tape- already had 

Step 1: Clean All Magnet Surfaces and Plan Placement of Mounts.

using rubber gloves, so not to transfer oils from your skin to magnet surface, clean all magnet surface( there is a light coating of oil on the magnet surface from the manufacturing process and probably to protect the finish before use) using an alcohol wipe.

Using various mounts and bases, determine the best positions to attach  the adhesive mounts, quick release buckles, and/or pivot arms and tethers.

i mounted two mounts on top of the magnet ( one horizontal and one vertical) 

Step 2: Attach Flat Adhesive Mounts to Surface of Magnet

To achieve the best possible adhesion of the mounts, i heated the magnet surface and the mount adhesive slightly, then pressed the mounts in place with as much pressure as i could. After attaching mounts i placed magnet on the floor and stepped on the mounts with all my weight. This should achieve optimal adhesion .

That is it! I use the eye bolt in the center of the magnet as a teather point. The eye bolt can also be used to tether the magnet to a strong surface of the vehicle. ( this shouldn't be needed but you never know how rough the terrain met be and what might happen.

To protect the paint of the vehicle i put scotch heavy duty packing tape ( other type can be used also) on the surface of the magnet that contacts the vehicle.

i hope you enjoyed my first instructable.