Introduction: SUPERMAN KEY

we have a superman key

Step 1: Pentagonal Shape

To start with, I cut a 12-centimeter piece of wood. with a thickness of three and a half centimeters.

Superman's shield has a pentagonal shape, so we will have to remove all the excess wood, until we get the pentagonal shape in the entire piece of wood,I did it with a big knife.

Step 2: The Details

After achieving the desired shape, we begin to draw all the details of the key as seen in the image.then start carving

with great care we will carve all the lines and shapes of the key

Step 3: Shape

Now with a drill we will make a small hole in the bottom of the key, 7 cm deep, to be able to remove the wood from inside and shape the legs of the key.

now we can continue carving the legs of the key

Step 4: Sanding

With sandpaper number 80 we will begin to sand the entire key, we will carve the lines again and then we will sand with a fine grain sandpaper.

Step 5: Optional

The wood I used was dry, so after having sanded it I immersed it in black paint water, after that I burned it, but very carefully so that it did not carbonize. then with a pencil number 6b, I painted it to give it shine

Step 6: Superman Key

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