Introduction: Null

The SWEEPbot is a futuristic and compact robot mainly for the purpose of helping in household works and security. This robot has a vacuum port, along with rotary brushes and two water sprayers. It has an inbuilt dust storage of about 100 cubic cm. The robot is cable of 360 degree motion with the ADW( ALL DIRECTION WHEELS). Two hard rubber wheels are provided for linear motion. The robot is equipped with two (180 degrees each) high resolution cameras, which help the robot to avoid obstacles. The cameras can even be used for live video streaming. This robot can also detect different human faces (facial recognition). If an unidentified face is recognised, a notification to the app is sent. This robot can either be controlled by the mobile application or can be put on the automatic mode. It can also be used to transports light objects ( upto 3kgs) in and around the house.