Introduction: Sabacc

If you are a Star Wars fan and watched Han Solo win the Mellinium Falcon in the movie Solo, you know of Sabacc. Sabacc is a cross between Poker and Black Jack from our universe. While many people know of the game from the movie, many Star Wars fans and I have loved the game for some time, as it is mentioned in many legends novels and stories. I have wanted to play this game for a while, and instead of buying Disney's version, I decided to make my own for a final project in my Creative Technologies class. To complete this project, I used a Lazer cutter, 3D printer, laminator, and Staples. There are other options if you do not have these items available, so please don't let that deter you!

Step 1: The Cards

The first thing that you need to play Sabacc are the cards. Now there are many ways that fans have created cards before by drawing on standard card decks, but for the purpose of receiving a grade in my Creative Technologies class, and to make the game as authentic as possible, I made my own. I was able to find a PDF online of all 76 cards. I then formatted it so that every other page had the back to it and then I printed it at Staples. I requested 110lb cardstock and lamination. Make sure that the lamination is the kind that fuses to the paper, otherwise, when you cut them out, the lamination will come apart.

To cut the cards out I used a laser cutter. This was mainly to get used to using the technologies in our lab, so if you do not have a laser cutter available, cutting with scissors will work fine as well. Doing it with the laser cutter did make the cards all the same size and gave the cards a more worn look on the edges which I am pleased with. However, having the cards is the most important part, the rest is extra.

I attached the pdf in case you would like to cut out your own cards.

Step 2: Dice and Credits

For the dice and credits, I used files from Thingiverse and 3D printed them. Here are the links to where I got the files to print:



Now of course not everyone has a 3D printer, and that is okay! I even bought some 6, 8, and 12 sided dice to ensure there are no unintentional weight issues (be sure to have two of whatever dice you use, it will make sense when you learn the rules!). And instead of using printed Star Wars credits, you can use regular Poker chips. I also bought some myself because it takes a while to print all the credits, but if you have the time and ability, make it as authentic to Star Wars as you'd like!

I also spray painted the credits gold and silver to represent different worth of each. Of course, you could paint them whatever color and make as many as you desire, but I chose to make a few and buy Poker chips to add to it.

Step 3: Box for the Cards

This step is not necessary, but I wanted to make a box to keep my cards in. The cards are 3 1/4 by 2 3/8 (slightly smaller than standard playing cards). First I made a paper prototype using foam core. The wood I used was some scraps from our wood shop, so I am not sure of its kind, but it is about 3/10ths of an inch thick. The sides of the box are 3 3/4 by 2 3/4. The top and bottom are 1 3/8 by 2 1/2. The last panel on the back is 3 3/4 by 1 3/8. All dimensions are in inches.

The design on the box is a laser cut Mandalorian Skull. Again, if you do not have a laser cutter, that is okay. It is only cosmetic!

And as for the box that I keep my game in, I went to my local cigar shop and got a cigar box for cheap that fits everything well and looks nice!

Step 4: Rules

Another very important thing to have is the rules! So I have attached a compilation of rules I found online and Reddit and added myself. If they don't fit how you're wanting to play, feel free to make up some of your own or find others online!

I hope this instructable helps you play an incredible game from the Star Wars universe! I would love to hear how everyone enjoys the game! Thanks for checking this out

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