Sabertooth Tiger - Makeup Tutorial




Introduction: Sabertooth Tiger - Makeup Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the look!

give it a likey, help a sabertooth tiger like me out ;)

Step 1: The Base

I started with a dark orange paint for the base.
I used an airbrush but you can also use other paints, with brushes and sponges

Step 2: The Base 2 (rest of the Body)

if more parts of your body are going to be visible, it's best to paint them as well.
i painted the outer parts orange as well, and used white paint for my neck and inner chest.
also add a bit of white paint on your chin and aside from your nose

Step 3: The Nose

to fill in the nose i used a baby pink colour, and outlined it with a small stroke of black paint
using the black paint i also created a line going downwards from the centre of my nose connecting to my lip

Step 4: White Whiskers

to create a base for the whiskers use a semi-small brush and white paint.

with quick short strokes you paint outwards from your nose. this will create a more fur-like look

Step 5: The Eyeliner

To look more like a sabertooth tiger we're going to have to go full out with the eyliner

outline your entire eye, and also fill in the lid (to keep this from creasing you can add matte black eyeshadow on top of it)

also don't forget to extend the inner and outer corner of your eye

Step 6: Add the Mouth

with black paint extend the ends of your lips (as shown in the photo I just don't know how to explain this hehe)

and draw 2 lines at both sides downwards to create the teeth

Step 7: Fill in the Teeth

I used white bodypaint to fill in the teeth. because you're going with white over another (darker) colour, it's best to add mutiple layers. otherwise the colour will fade.

i also added a bit more black between the teeth to connect them

Step 8: Creating the Fur

Take a fan brush and dip this in very wet facepaint. with quick outerwards strokes use this all over your face

with a lot of layering, this will look very realistic. I used both white and brown facepaint for this step

Step 9: The Stripes

a sabertooth tiger has a different pattern than a siberian tiger. a sabertooth tiger has different brown tones of fur. so for the stripes I went with white facepaint and brown eyeshadow. the brown shadow is easy to blend and will soften the entire effect.

I still used facepaint for the white stripes because again, i'm going with white over a darker colour

Step 10: Broadening Your Nose

my nose is way too narrow and human like. So to broaden it, i used a dark brown eyeshadow and shaded outwards along the sides of my nose, leaving quite some space between my actual nose and the shading

Step 11: Line Your Eyes

to darken up the eyes some more I used a black pencil liner

Step 12: Add Contacts

this is of course optional, but it does give an extra WOW to the look

I went with these yellow contacts to bring my tiger some more to life

Step 13: Whoohoo You're Done!

thankyou for viewing this entire step-by-step tutorial

for the full tutorial you can go to my youtube channel: mirandavanr

I hope to see you in my next tutorial!


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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    What a transformation! Very well done!


    Reply 4 years ago

    thankyou so much <3


    4 years ago

    That looks so cool, in a creepy realistic way. Can't wait to see more like this!


    Reply 4 years ago

    thankyou! :D


    4 years ago

    had to stop scrolling down the list to see how you pulled this one off so well! VERY nice creature you created from paint! I loved your WOW oger or troll. your painted fur techniques are cool! fabulous job! LOVE IT!!!


    Reply 4 years ago

    thankyou so much! :D