Introduction: Sad Cat Laser

The Sad Cat laser is a product that is meant to keep cats busy while there owners are busy and can't keep them company. It uses a random number generator to set the servo position and from there the owner doesn't have to worry about anything. The laser is set at a timer where it runs for 10 mins then stops for 10 mins resets the timer and runs again.


  • 2 Servo Motors
  • Arduino Uno
  • Laser Pointer
  • Mini Breadboard

Step 1: Building the Mechanism

We have 2 normal servos on the x and y axis that rotate to provide a little over 180 degrees rotation. However the device sits on a ledge so the rotation had to be decreased. You connect the servos to a GRD and 5V+ and then to pins 9 and 10. Then you connect the laser to GRD and 5V+ and pin 3.

Step 2: Coding the Device

This is were setting up the mechanism is really important because if any of the pins are off then the device won't be able to function at full capacity. The code is at the bottom and do a test run with everything added before you procede to completely build the laser.

Step 3: Add Everything Together

Now then once the testing is complete and everything works you add everything together. Using a technological marvel known to humans simply by the name of tape you make the laser and arduino stay in place.

Step 4: Now... ENJOY!

Well now you have more time on your hand and don't have to pay attention to the cats. Which is why you should get a dog next time, but everyone makes mistakes. Anyways don't forget to feed and clean the cat still :)