Safe Sneaks(Glow/Reflective Shoes)




Introduction: Safe Sneaks(Glow/Reflective Shoes)

I like to run, i run all the time. But now that it gets dark out at like 5pm, i usually have to cut my runs short(which im not a big fan of) because im not very visable. i know you can buy a vest to wear when running, bit i cant stand it bouncing around. So i decided to make glow in the dark/reflective shoes.

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Step 1: Materials

-Running Shoes(preferably white)
-Glow in the dark paint (i got mine from Michael's craft store)
-Paint brush
-2 Sandwitch bags
-Wax paper
-Reflective Tape
-I used a blacklight to test how it looks

Step 2: Paint It On

Squirt some of the paint into the bowl, take your brush and add the paint. You may need more than 1 layer.

**Make sure you let the paint set for atleast 72 hours**

Step 3: Laces

Take a sandwitch bag and put one of the laces inside, then add a good amount of paint.
seal the bag.
Stir the lace and the paint until you think they are mixed enough so that the whole lace is glowing

Step 4: Reflectivizing

Take the reflective tape and cut it into pieces for your designated areas.

Peel the back off the tape and apply it to the shoe, press firmly.

I only put the tape on the outsides of the shoes because there isnt much need for it on the inside, but you can do whatever you want.

Step 5: Charge

While your out at school or work or etc. leave your shoes in the sun light.

Step 6: Time to Run

Strap on your shoes and your watch and go.

Stay safe.

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    6 years ago

    what brand do you guys wea


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh sir, this is going directly to my favourites! Nice idea!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for this instrucible, recently I was skateboarding and some lady pulled me over and yelled at me because I couldent be seen, now with my reflective shoes that hopefully wont happen anymore.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Good job on a very useful and highly recommended project.  I witnessed a woman being struck by a car at a street crossing at night because she was wearing dark clothes and could not be seen until it was too late. Just because YOU think that the driver can see you does not mean that they can....