Safe Play Sword for Kids

Introduction: Safe Play Sword for Kids

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When I was a kid (I say that jokingly, as I'm only 16) I was always holding a 'sword'. Whether it was a stick, a pencil, or, if I got lucky, a real plastic sword. As awesome as this was, there was one problem; My 'swords' always seemed to hurt people. In retrospect, that makes sense, not many people enjoy being hit with a stick. My young cousin's birthday was approaching and, as usual, I had no idea what to get him. Then it hit me, (I mean I was literally hit with a stick) Why don't I make him a sword? Brilliant! He has a little sister, so the sword had to be safe, he is hyper (what kid isn't?) so it had to be durable, and finally, it had to look like a real sword. I gathered up possible supplies and began to mentally put them together. Then, because a mental sword doesn't do much, I began to create a masterpiece, sort of.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For the sword I decided to use some aluminized insulation foam I had laying around. I put some bamboo skewers and a paint stir stick in the sword as a 'backbone'. The other things are; a ruler/yardstick, a marker, a knife (sharp), and masking tape (duct tape works too).

Step 2: Design and Cut the Sword

First I drew the shape of the sword twice, one for each half, on the foam. Then I carefully cut them out. I rounded the edges to give it some aesthetic value.

Step 3: Put Yer Back Into It!

Actually, put its back into it :) Tape the skewers and the paint stir stick to the inside of one half. Make sure to tape it securely.

Step 4: Get It Together!

Simply stick the two sides together, sandwiching the skewers and paint stick. I wrapped the whole thing in masking tape, to give it some toughness, and to give the paint something to stick to.

Step 5: That's a Wrap!

No, we aren't done yet. I decided to wrap the handle in cord, because it looks cool. I spread some E6000 on the handle and wound the cord around it. Then I reinforced the coil with some more glue at critical points. This is the point where I forgot to take pictures, so I don't actually have an image of the finished product.

Step 6: Paint It

In order to paint it, I first covered the handle with masking tape, to protect the cord. Then I just got a can of silver spray paint and let loose. The paint sticks very well to the masking tape and provides a shiny silver coat.

Step 7: Cleave Some Heads!

OK maybe not... But it is a fun, and safe, toy for younger kids. With some modifications, I think it could be a lot of fun for older kids too :). My little cousin loved it and used it a lot. I felt sorry for his little target..I mean sister, so I made her one too. Now they love to wail on each other (and double team their dad)
I'd love to see what creative weapons you all come up with, post a picture in the comment section.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice and simple. Thanks for sharing this! Keep up the good work.