Introduction: Safety Box Using Arduino Wemos D1 WiFi

This project is according to the requirement of UITM's Embedded System Design And Interfacing project. It was done by

Nazeb, Munzir and Amirullah.

This is the flowchart of the safety box. This flowchart will be our guide in constructing the safety box

Step 1: Components Needed

1. Arduino Wemos D1 WiFi

2. Mini servo motor

3. Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)

4. 10K Resistor

5. RFID card reader and RFID card

Step 2: Construct the Components As Shown in the Schematic

Step 3: Coding

Using the Arduino software, download the following library and include them into your Arduino library by clicking on the 'Sketch' tab and 'Add file..'. Then add all the included libraries. This will be needed in order for the Wemos board to function correctly with the project

Step 4: Coding Part 2

From the website, register and get your token.

In the coding section, replace the

SSID with your WiFi name

PASSWORD with your WiFi password

EMAIL with your registered email in

TOKEN with the token provided by,


Step 5: Prototype Build Up

In this step, build your own box from the materials you desire. In this case, it was made from a card box. The size can be custom. Make sure that the door has inner layer to house the components and there is a hole from the inner side of the door in order for the motor servo to act as a latch.

You can view the status of the safety box from or download the Comio app on the playstore.

Simply just input your email , token and you're done!

Good luck!