Introduction: Safety Net for Snow Sledding

We have fun sledding in our back yard but we have steep hill that ends at the street. So a safety net would be a good idea. I decided to see if I could make one.

I did some research on line. YouTube has many net making instruction video so I used a combination of some of them to make my net.

The rope I used was from the Dollar Store.

Step 1: How I Made the Shuttle.

I took the roll of rope and used some rubber bands to hold it together as I make the net. Worked very well just pull to release some rope. 

As for the mesh stick I used a piece of wood paneling I had and sanded the edges smooth. pic 5

Step 2: How I Made It

The diagram shows how to start the net with the shuttle and mesh stick. I used the free end of a wood clamp to hold the net as I made it I just moved the row up every time I completed about 4 to 5 rows.