Introduction: Safety Box for High Voltage Projects

This box acts as a third party between the outlet in your wall and whatever high voltage or dangerous project you are doing. For electricity to be flowing to your project from the box you need to be holding down a button, which serves the double purpose of making sure you know when you project is only, so you don't absentmindedly leave it running, and keeping one hand away from any high voltage so it cannot pass through you. WARNING: This box will not protect you from electrical shock, it will only make sure your project is running only when you want it to. NEVER have the box open while it is plugged in.

Step 1: The Parts

What you will need:
A container
A normally off button (Rated for at least 120v 15 amps)
A Switch (Rated for at least 120v 15 amps)
As many outlets as you want
A power cord
Wire (Rated for at least 120v 15 amps)
Things to hold everything together (screws, bolts, etc...)
E-tape (optional)
A fuse rated around 120v 15 amps
   Or you could use a circuit breaker rated for as much as you want it to trip as so you don't trip one on the main grid 

Step 2: Tools

Step 3: Get Ready to Cut

Mark out where you will cut to place all the parts (Ignore that mine looks like a face)

Step 4: Cut All the Pieces Out

Step 5: Sand the Edges and Drill the Holes

Drill all the holes for the components you will attach.

If you happen to have sandpaper you can sand down the edges of all the holes to make it nicer looking.


Screw in all the parts and components!

Step 7: Wire Everything Togerther

Just in case you cannot read circuit diagrams:

One wire from the power cord goes to the switch, the other part of the switch goes to the button, which goes to one side of both outlets, the other side of both outlets goes to the fuse/circuit breaker which then returns to other wire in the power cord. The GREEN wire from the power cord goes to the green screw on the outlets, it doesn't go anywhere else.

In the photos I have attached both the fuse and circuit breaker in parallel, so don't let that confuse you if you only use one.

Step 8: You're Done!

Now you can gloat over anyone who does not have an awesome and practical Safety Box.

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