Introduction: Sailor Pinstripe Rainbow Loom Bracelet

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For some people this is NOT an easy bracelet to make but for others it's not that difficult!

(First pic is outside of bracelet and second pic is inside of bracelet!!)

Step 1: Materials

To make this bracelet, you must have a re-adjustable loom, hook, four C or S clips and LOTS of bands. (don't worry about the mini loom)

Step 2: Assembling the Loom

Re-adjust your loom so that all the rows are parallel. Only put two bases (the blue things) one each end of the loom.

This should leave a gap in between for the bracelet to be made. ARROWS SHOULD BE POINTING TO THE RIGHT

Step 3: Setting Up

With your loom set up you will only be needing four pegs in the front and four pegs in the back.

(shown in red)

Step 4: Getting Started

You will ALWAYS be needing double bands THESE ARE THE EIGHT PEGS WE ARE USING

first we are going to make the border of the bracelet.

grab two bands (color of your border)and twist it into a figure eight (8)

then place this figure eight onto the first two pegs that are on the same row (two bands)

repeat this step down the rows but for the next two rows add a different color because they are the main color of the bracelet. then add the border color again on the last row

They should all be a figure eight! Look at the photos if confused

Step 5: Moving On

Now grab you pinstripe color (if you look at step one you will see the white lines, those are the pinstripes).

Grabbing only one band (only part of bracelet using one band) stretch it across the first four pegs in the first row, this is your pinstripe.

Next you will repeat step 4 on top of the pinstripe but this time you are not making a figure eight. for the rest of the bracelet all you're going to do is place the double bands on top of the pegs without twisting or turning them.

(You can put different colors on your bracelet but if you like the bracelet I am making follow along )

Step 6: Looming

First turn the loom around so the arrows are pointing towards you. Then pull back the bottom bands of the first row NOT the first two. Pull these bands into the middle, do the same to the other side. Repeat this pattern down the rows but stop at the last row.

At the last row turn your loom around, and then put the bottom two bands into the middle.

Step 7: Repeating the Pattern

To make this bracelet all you have to do is repeat this pattern but I will repeat this pattern with you 3 more times! (PS: this counts as one of them)

OK, after pushing all your bands down to make space, all you're going to do is place your white pinstripe( this is the first thing you do after looming) then you place your double bands on top of the pinstripe (the outline and main part). After doing this repeat Step 6. Remember this is all you do to complete this bracelet after repeating this pattern then you will see the outcome of this bracelet. There is one more thing I have to show you but that will be shown in the next slide!!!

Step 8: Adding On

Repeat STEP 7!! ( put green as the next main color if you are following me on this bracelet) After repeating step 7 stop don't do anything else because I have to show you something new that you must do to complete this bracelet!

You have probably noticed the pinstripe bands. If you count them their should be three of them. We are going to ¨get rid of them.¨ the very first thing you do is take off the two bands on only the first row front peg, slide the bands on to your hook and grab the three pinstripes. flip these pinstripes off the peg and let go of them, repeat this pattern down the first pegs of each row only. This is a very important procedure that you must do each time you see three pinstripes on your loom. If you forget to do this while making your bracelet you will have to start over from where you forgot to flip your three bands!

Step 9: Repeating

Now I am going to leave you on your own. All you have to do is repeat Step 7 and when you come to three pinstripes repeat Step 8. In the next slide I will show you how to end your bracelet with the 4 S or C clips you have that I asked for in Step 1.Also make your bracelet as long as the width of your wrist so it won't be too small or big.(Happy Looming)

Step 10: Finishing Up

Stop looming once you have flipped your three pinstripes over or if your bracelet is as long as the width of your wrist.

If you have 1,2, or 3 pinstripes on your loom flip them over following the Step 8 pattern. Now you have no pinstripes. Then grab your two bands from the SECOND peg (the one that is behind the closest one to you) in the first row and place it on the first peg. Do this to all of the rows.

Now stick your hook through the four bands on the first peg and attach a C or S clip. Do this to all four pegs. Now carefully pull your bracelet off the loom and attach the four S or C clips to the other side. Now you have your bracelet.

Step 11: The End

Please leave positive comments, feedback, and a picture of your bracelet!!!

and please follow me!!!

By the way if you are confused on one of the steps please tell me so I can help you. Remember this is NOT an easy bracelet to make for some people!