Saints Row 4 Rectifier (Super Space Ninja)

Introduction: Saints Row 4 Rectifier (Super Space Ninja)

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Warning: the following instructable has the use of cut lego parts for some of the structure. DO NOT cut Legos unless you have permission or are absolutely sure no one will be affected with the parts you cut.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Super space ninja, thanks for the suggestion hope you enjoy

Step 1: Parts Required

These are the parts you will need to get the same result

Step 2: The Building Process

Follow the pictures above to build

Step 3: The Final Product

This is what you will get in the end. I know it is a little oversized, however it would be difficult to get it 100% right with out more cut parts and glue. So for a simple version, here it is.

Again, special thanks to Super space ninja for the suggestion!

Feel free to favorite of you liked it and follow if you want more. Also leave a suggestion for me to build and your name will be included in the title as a special thanks! Hope you enjoyed, BUILD ON!

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