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Introduction: Salad Bowl Speaker

Hello Communiity

One of my loveliest pieces i've made. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: The Parts

Parts you need:

Salad Bowl from Ikea:

12x 1,5" inch speaker from 6 soundbars:

(but i have the speakers for free in the office)

1x 2.1 5V Amplifier with Subwoofer Channel:

1x 2" inch Subwoofer:

Alternative for 1,5" speaker:

5mm wood from local DIY market

Tools you need:

- Drill Crowns

- Drills

- Hot glue

- Wires

- Screwdrivers

Costs for parts (with the alternativ speaker): ~ 65 Euro (ca. 70 dollar)

Step 2: Drill, Drill, Drill

I drill 12 3cm holes around the bowl and one 2" inch hole on the top. with the drill crowns.

Step 3: Glue the Speakers

I cut the corners off from all the 1,5" inch speakers and glue it into the holes.

Connect the speakers in 2 pairs of 3 speakers for one channel and the other 2 pairs of 3 speakers for the second channel

last step, i saw a 19cm round backplate from 5mm wood and screw it on the 3 points.

Step 4: Finishing the Super Bowl

All around the speaker, you have the same acoustic from it with a litte bass boost on the top. i realy like :-)

THX for watching


Step 5: Little Soundcheck

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    7 years ago

    hi manu1975. its only just for fun. i dont even seen the isometric speakers :-) i've seen the bowl in the ikea, and thought, thats maybe a cool case for 6 or more little speakers. and now, its a 12.1 speaker :-)


    7 years ago

    Nice job! do you use that for some kind of acoustic study? or it´s just for fun? looks like the professional isometric speakers