Introduction: Salad Bowl Lamp

Sometimes a design presents itself so obvious that it seems unnecessary to explain in an instructable. That happened when I was looking for a nice lamp above the dining table. I searched the internet and several shops but could not find anything to my liking.
Then my eye was drawn to a white ( melamine) saladbowl. With that in mind I visited a next shop and bought a ( ugly) garden light.
My lamp was born!

Step 1: Simple Ingredients

It can be this easy!
a white melamine saladbowl ( 7 euro's)
a small melamine bowl (2,50 euro's)
tin plate garden light (2 euros)

electrical cord (2 euros)
lamp socket (2,50 euros)

paint "hammered", red copper
white detergent bottle top
little plastic thing to close plastic bags (?)

electric drill
equipment to make a 40 mm hole (in dutch litt. "a seven hole saw")
little screwdriver
sanding paper

Step 2: Prepare the Top

The small hole at the end of the cone attracted my attention because it was the right size for an electrical cord. At first I only wanted to use the cone. With a small hacksaw I removed the part wich holds the glass. I discovered the lid could be fitted in the cone when placed upside down. It seemed like a nice feature so I removed the round knob from the lid, drilled a hole through and fitted it in the cone. ( see intro page  and page 4)

Step 3: Drilling the Bowles

Drill a small hole in the center of the small bowl.
Drill a big hole, fitting for the socket in the big bowl.

Step 4: Paint

Give the little bowl and the cone a good sanding. Attach the socket to the cord and string the cone and little bowl on the cord. Hang it somewhere and paint the two pieces. I choose a metal paint witch dries with a hammered appearance.
After drying screw the white bowl to the socket.

Step 5: Hanging Tips

To cover the hole in the ceiling I used a detergent bottle cap. Just drill a small hole in it and its finished without any costs.
As in my case the lamp is not right under the ceiling attachment point , I screwed in a hook  and placed the cord in a loop.
To keep the loop in its place i used a plastic square, witch are used here to close plastic bags for bread.
A piece of wire, paperclip, tie-wrap would do the trick as well.