Salami Slam

Introduction: Salami Slam

Salami and cream cheese Sandwich

Step 1: Items to Make Sandwich

Salami (any kind will do)

Cream Cheese (I used regular cream cheese, but have also used cream cheese with chives, try your favorite cream cheese with it)

Keiser Roll or 2 slices of your favorite bread


Knife yo cut sandwich

Potato Chips (optional)

Step 2:

Cut roll if needed and place Keizer roll on dish.

Step 3:

Layer salami on you roll or bead , over lapping the salami

Step 4:

Spread cream cheese over the salami as seen above.

Step 5:

Add another layer of salami on top of the cream cheese you just applied

Step 6:

repeat step 3, by adding another layer of cream cheese

Step 7:

top off your sandwich with a layer of fresh crisp lettuce, and place roll top on sandwich

Step 8:

Cut sandwich in half. Sandwich should look like this

Step 9:

Add you favorite flavor chips to dish and enjoy.

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