Introduction: Salem Thattuvada Set - Fast Food

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Let's make the famous delicious fast food called " thattuvada set" . people at Salem crave for this yummy vegetables salad.


Scrapped vegetables

Step 1: Scrapped

Take vegetables like carrot, beetroot, mango, onions , and coriander leaves..
Scrap them using a vegetable scrapper like shown in the picture
Make green sauce by beating coriander leaves and a green chilli..

Step 2: Arrange Layers

Keep a thattuvada as a base.
Apply the green sauce on the thattuvada.
Place onions in first layer
Then few carrots in the next layer
And then beet roots
Then place a thattuvada on the top
Thus sandwiching all of them ..
Make similar sets as shown in the picture

Step 3: Eat Them in Snacks Time

This food taste bestest during evening ..

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