Introduction: Salsa Di Pomodoro (Tomato Sauce)

I will never love something more then tomatoes. They are so versatile...

I'm Stefania from Italy, by the way. Welcome to my kitchen!
Let's get started! For this recipe you will need:

  • Tomatoes!
  • optional: onions, carrots, salt and olive oil
  • A big pot
  • Little glass jars (the quantity will depend on the quantity of tomatoes)

Step 1: Prepare Little Jars or Bottles

You can use jars or small bottles for this reciple. It depends on the quantity of the sauce that you will use.

It is very important to sterilize little jars before putting the sauce into them, to be sure to destroy all the germs. I usually boil them for ten minutes and I try to do it just before putting the sauce in the jars.

Step 2: Prepare Tomatoes

Wash all tomatoes and cut them into pieces. If you can, try to squeeze them a bit while cutting them.

Put all the pieces in the pot. Tomatoes will leave a lot of water, so no need to add some.
Don't add anything, just tomatoes in the pot. Nothing more.

Step 3: Cook (Patience Step)

Put the pot on the burner and light the fire. Cover the pot with a lid and wait until the water will start to come out from tomatoes.

Mix tomatoes from time to time until they will be all cooked (it will require some time). When they will be ready, low the fire and grind them all together until you will not see the peel anymore.

Step 4: Alternative Cook

If you like, you can add onions and carrots in this phase, to have a sweeter sauce.

If you can also add salt and oil, so you will have a sauce that will be ready to be warmed and used for a good dish of pasta.

Step 5: Fill Jars

During this step, you need to be very very careful. It is very easy to burn yourself with the hot sauce.

First of all I need to say that there are different ways to proceed durin this step, but this is how my family does it so I will explain it like I know.

We say that the sauce have to recover from 'fever', so we need to cover it with a blanket or some tablecloth.

So prepare a base in which store the jars for 2 or 3 days and then:

  1. Using an oven mitt, pick a jar and fill it with the sauce while the pot is still on the fire;
  2. Close the jar with the cover and fasten it;
  3. Put the jar upside down in the blanket;
  4. Repeat until the sauce will be finished;
  5. Cover all the jars with the blanket or some tablecloth;
  6. Wait a couple of days

Step 6: Ready to Go

After a couple of days, jars should be cold or almost cold (fever will be gone) and vacuum-sealed.

To check if there is no air, try to press the top. If it doesn't click, there is no air inside and jars are ready to be stored.

If there is air, put the jar in the fridge and consume the sauce as soon as possible. If the air is present in all the jars, it means that they were not closed well and that the only way to store them is in the freezer.

You can use the sauce for every kind of recipe in which you will need it (like pata, pizza, parmigiana, etc...)

Buon appetito!

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