Salsa Group 4

Introduction: Salsa Group 4

First, gather your tools.

1. your choice of chefs knife

2.rubber spatula

3.wooden spoon

4. a waste bowl

5. a mixing bowl

Step 1: Step 2 Gather Spices

Gather your spices such as...



3. lemon juice

4.chipotle pepper

Step 2: Step 3 Gather Veggies

gather your veggies such as...

1.onion onion

3. tomatos

4.cilantro peppers


7. garlic

Step 3: Step 4 Cut Veggies

cut all veggies in to equal small dices and minces

Step 4: Add All Ingredients

2 tomatos diced

1/4 of a red onion

an entire onion

1/2 a cup of cilantro

three Tblsp of lemon juice

1 Tblsp of chipotle spice

2 Tblsp of cumin

a jalepeno diced

a green pepper diced

four garlic cloves

mix well

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