Introduction: Salt and Chilli Baked Chicken Wings

Welcome to my first ever instructable =D

Im pretty disappointed i didnt get these online in time for the chilli contest deadline, serves me right for not looking at the contests often i guess lol. 

This is my favourite dinner to make, and the easiest dinner to make. It does take over an hour, maby i cook the chicken wings longer than i have to, but hey, it is totally worth it. So lets just get started =) theres no time to spare, were all hungry.

Step 1: What Youll Need

there really isnt much to this recipe everything important you need is in the title...

youll need:
Chicken Wings
Salt (rock and table)
Chilli flakes

youll also need:
a chopping board
a good sharp knife
a couple of baking trays
and an oven at 200 degrees (celcius) might aswell put it on the now.

Step 2: Chopping Your Wings

i dont feel this really needs a step of its own but hey...there are idiots out there (believe it or not).

cut your chicken wings into the three main parts, the wing tip (useless, for this instructable anyway), the 'flat bit' (very scientific), and the drumette or winglet or whatever you wanna call it. Just look at the pic =D

if your having trouble cutting the wings at the joints, i dont just push forward and down while cutting, if you almost push the knife diagonally as you cut, 4/5 times the blade slips right between the knuckle and slices through no bother.

Step 3: 'seasoning' Your Wings

after youve chopped all your wings, set them out with the skin on the bottom, i like to have the flat bits and drumettes separately, hence the 2 trays, but if you have an oven/tray to fit them all at once, go right ahead =)

put a twist of rock salt on each wing, then add a sprinkle of chilli flakes to each bit, add as much as you like to be honest.

these chilli flakes arnt too hot unless you get a proper mouthful, if you want it hotter use some chilli powder, or use some pretty spicy chilli flakes, ive seen bhat jolokia chilli flakes before, give them a bash.

Note: stay away from using sweet chilli sauce, the water evaporates from the sauce leaving you with a burnt, sticky, gloopy mess, which is a b**ch to clean, t'is no good.

Step 4: Its Cookin' Time

put your freshly seasoned chicken wings in the oven now =)

i cook them for 45 mins, flip and season again, and cook again for a further 15 mins, i dont cook alot to be honest, so this could be overkill for wee chicken wings, but hey, better safe than sorry lol.

comment and tell me if im right with the times or correct me =)

Step 5: Flip 'em

after patiently waiting 45 mins, take out your trays, flip each chicken bit, ad a sprinkle of table salt, plus a wee bit more chili flakes if you wish and put em back in the oven for 15 mins, skin side up.

at this point you might wanna soak up the oil on the try with some kitchen towel, stops the now bottoms being as wet, and give the whole wing a crispy coat.

Step 6: EAT THEM !

so now your chicken wings should be nice and crispy, nice and chilli, and nice and over cooked lol.

just put them on a plate and eat as is =)

i really hope you like them, very simple to make. Enjoy =)

comments and corrections welcome, i hope theres not many, but hey...first instructable =D