Introduction: Salt Powered LED Flower

very simple to make

my first instructable:)

Step 1: Parts Needed:

-aluminum foil
-small copper plates
-paper tissue
-plastic straw
-1 LED 5 mm, 3.5v
-origami lily -
-nylon or plastic bag

Step 2: The Battery

the battery- make pairs of copper plates and aluminum foil with paper tissue in between

make enough pairs to light a single LED,  and strengthen them with tape or sth

Step 3: Make Two Origami Lilies

then put a LED on the bottom of one lily and glue it, then put that lily in another and glue

weld wires to LED leads and pull them through the straw

Step 4: Connect the Battery With Straw Wires

connect the battery with straw wires, but make sure it's the right polarity

tape lily's stalk to the battery and put it all in a small glass or something like that

and you're done!

I don't know for how long will it last, but it can be recharged- just put a few drops of salt water, or lemon juice in the battery