Introduction: Recycle an Old Shirt, Sew a Pen Roll

I wore the elbows through my favorite shirt.  I didn't want to toss it, so it rolled around my closet floor until inspiration hit me.  This was my first sewing project, but I think I did well!

I welcome any comments or constructive criticism you may have!

Step 1: Pick a Shirt, Cut Out Starting Square

I picked this, partially because it's my favorite shirt, and partially because the patter gave perfect horizontal/vertical guides.

Step 2: Hem the Square

create a hem all around

how to make a hem: you essentially "roll" the edge, and sew through three layers of fabric- the outer edge is sandwiched/hidden within the two other layers.

Step 3: Create Pockets

sew both sides of the roll down.  so you have one big pocket, then partition them however you want.

decide how big you want each pocket to be.  start from the base/floor of the roll.  put your needle through the bottom, and then tie off a knot.  sew all the way up.

the best way to make pockets is just to make one the size you want, and sew it.  I actually only have two pockets and one huge pocket- i plan on adding pockets as I need them, but for now, two work fine.

repeat until you have all your pockets!

Step 4: Tips

just some more pictures.  in the future, perhaps I'll incorporate the front pocket somehow!

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