Salvaging a Busted Floor Lamp

Introduction: Salvaging a Busted Floor Lamp

We used to have a very nice floor lamp with a Tiffany style shade. I'm sure you've seen the at the box stores. Well because I have children, my very nice and useful lamp was tipped over and the plastic parts that held the light onto the base snapped.

It so happens that my middle son wanted his own room at about the same time. Probably because his brother ratted him out about tipping the lamp over but to be honest I asked all three kids and got three different stories. It must have been an act of God that killed the lamp.

In any event I was able to turn the lamp into a nice hanging lamp in a few hours.

Step 1: Materials

The materials list was fairly short the lighting hardware and lamp shade were salvaged from the original lamp.

I purchased a brass decorative chain and ceiling hooks at Home Depot for about $20.

There is a click switch on the cord that I had put on the lamp previously. I think they are under $5.

Step 2: Making the Lamp

You can see the socket that I was able to save from the lamp. To hold it in place there was a metal shroud that I had to cut down with a hacksaw to install the socket. The shroud fits into the hole In the lamp shade to support the shade and holds the socket in place.

In the second picture you can see the top of the lamp shade. The top plate that the socket is screwed into is just a ball canning jar lid that I drilled a hole into. This makes the lamp socket more rigid and keeps the shade from moving in case my kids decide to swing across the room like Tarzan. The last picture shows the inside of the lamp. You can see the shroud I cut down that holds the light socket.

Step 3: Finished

Here is a picture of the lamp hanging over my son's bed.

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    5 years ago

    I'm trying to understand why I can't seem to follow instructions well enough to make something like this. I have average intelligence and education, and I want to, it's just beyond my attention span .Very upsetting. But congratulations, it looks nice, and you are making memories, and enabling confidence in trying things for your kids that you don't even realize.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work to salvage the lamp! That shade looks great and that would have been a shame to have to throw it out. Good work!