Introduction: Same Love Gay Rights Wall Decoration

A pen
A ruler or measuring utensil
The song Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
A lot of gay magic

Step 1: Quotes

Listen to the song and find your favorite quotes,write them down in a fancy script (you can also type them) i suggest you use white paper im just going to give you an example on some yellow paper.

Step 2: The Center Heart

Draw out a heart on your paper and write same love in the center in the same script as your quotes then draw an equal sign under it. Cut it out

Step 3: The Flag

I cut one piece of 10x15cm paper then i divided it into 6 pieces i cut a rainbow of strips of 1.5x15cm paper and glued them down

Step 4: Putting It All Together

This part is really up to you, i put the heart in the center the quotes around it and the flag next to the heart but you can really place them where you want just remember to give credit to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Step 5: My Reasoning

My reasoning behind this craft is that gay rights is a very important topic. Im gay myself and i believe that everyone should have the right to marry who they love a person is a person gay straight bisexual pansexual asexual transgender or anyone in between. Please save the hateful comments keep them to yourself only nice comments here or on any persons profile

Let us love