Samsung NX DSLR Camera Trigger Cable




Introduction: Samsung NX DSLR Camera Trigger Cable

This is a very short instructable about how to make your own trigger cable for a Samsung DSLR in the NX series.


- A usb cable with Micro-B usb ending on one side. (You'll cut this cable)

- 2 buttons

- Cable cutter / cutting pliers / something else sharp

- Soldering iron etc

- Multimeter

Step 1: Make the Cable

Cut the micro usb cable. Strip the wire, and with your multimeter figure out which cable corresponds to which pin on the micro usb plug. Tip: If your multimeter pins are to fat, take a short piece of wire and connect it to your multimeter with a crocodile clamp cable. Now you can use this wire to poke into the micro usb plug.

This is the important information:

  • To make the camera focus, you need to short wire 3 ("Data +", usually green) with wire 5 ("Ground", usually black).
  • To make the camera take a picture you short together wire 2 ("Data -", usually white), 3 and 5.

So to make your cable, solder a button between wire 3 and 5, and the other button between wire 2 and 5. Now you press down the first button to focus, and then (while holding down the first button) also press down the second button to trigger the picture. If you are set to BULB mode, the shutter will be open for as long as you hold the buttons pressed.

It is all up to you how pretty and robust you want to make this, for example with shrinking tube. Or you could come up with a way to connect it to an arduino instead of buttons, and automate it. Good luck!

Step 2: Where the Info Came From

I got this info by opening a bought camera trigger (the one on the picture) and figuring out which cables go where.

Feel free to leave feedback. This is my first instructable, so maybe I need to explain things a bit more clearly than I did. :)

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    2 years ago

    Inside the plug you will need to add a 68Kohm resistor between the ID pin (pin 4) and ground (pin 5). If you use a surface mount component you may be able to glue up the casing again, which you will have had to cut open to gain access. Works on a Samsung NX300.

    No, it won't work on any Sony camera.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-05 at 20.12.39.jpeg

    3 years ago on Step 1

    Hi, we've tried connecting the USB wires by hand (since we didn't have a multimeter to check the trigger-side ends), and were not able to cause any reaction on the camera side. Is there any firmware version this depends on?
    (The cable was good, since we could wire it back up to connect as a USB drive. We used NX500, same as on picture.)


    4 years ago

    work on sony hx60 camera ? :)