Introduction: Samsung S8 Armband 3D Printed TPU

A short and simple instructable showing the journey of 3D printing an armband

Step 1: A 3D Printed Armband for Workout / Running / Jogging

Hello guys , greetings from India .

The inspiration for this instructable has been headphone wires comming in the way while workout and also jogging pants slipping down because of the mobile weight in the pocket .

I wanted to solve this problem by having a 3D Printed case for my Samsung S8 which I can use while running / jogging without worrying of my pants slipping down :p .

That being said I learnt modelling and designing in Fusion 360 from youtube channel Product Design Online by Kevin Kennedy , link - , I have been honing my designing skills by going back and forth to his youtube videos and applying it to my concept . Check his channel to get an overview of design process and learn to design / model if you are a novice.

My second inspiration in 3d printing has been Mr Greg Zumwalt , link - he has made some of the best 3d printed contraption and mechanism . He is great at it, check his channel for inspiration .

Step 2: Designing

After I conceptualized what I wanted , I grabbed a measuring scale and took dimensions of my samsung S8 .

Then I headed to Fusion 360 to plot the dimensions .

I wanted this design to be simple and hence the boxy features .

I originally designed two straps that were smaller and so I went back and designed straps that are longer and can be used by people with larger biceps .

Step 3: Printing

After the design process was completed it was time for printing .

So I converted the files to .stl format and sliced it in cura .

The settings are as follows -

Standard Quality- 0.28mm

Infill 20%

Filament- TPU

Filament temperature - 230 degree celcius

Bed Temp - 65 c

Support none

Printer - Ender 3

I did have to go back and forth from designing and printing to get a proper fit .

I have attached the files for 3D printing They are - samsung s8 arm band v2.stl

long belt 2.stl

armband male.stl

Step 4: Assembly

Once you have the below .stl files printed

samsung s8 arm band v2.stl

long belt 2.stl

armband male.stl

Assemble the 2 straps by putting it in the slots on the case .

Adjust the strap that suits your bicep .

After you attach it to your arm then insert your S8 phone .

Now you can enjoy your morning jog , running without worrying about your pants ;p

Step 5: Appeal

If you find this instructable useful please do vote for me since this will be an entry for wearables contest .

I would also like to know if any of you printed this out and how was the fitting/feel (need your feedback to improve on the design and hone my skills ).

Also if you have any other mobile phone please do comment stating your phone model , based on the no of comments which has maximum people using a certain model of phone I will design the case for that model .

Looking forward for your support and love ! :D


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