Introduction: Samsung Watch Charger Upgrade

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Samsung Watch Charger Upgrade, from a thin cable to a Anker USB-C cable

Step 1: Reason for This Up-Grade & Parts Needed

This is my first Instructable project.

Are you fed up of taking different chargers and cables on holiday or just for a long weekend away, I am. This is how this project came about really. My phone is a USB-C cable, my watch had its own hard wired cable into a dock, my Surface Pro 4 had its own wiring system, and my hearing aid dock like my watch had a flimsy cable which looked like it would snap and damage easily. My answer, turn them all into a USB-C charging system, one charger and one cable.

I like my Anker cables and charger, they are good quality and have excellent write ups on there full range.

First i needed to get hold of items needed for this project, I ordered a cheap watch dock (I didn't want to use the original one) eBay for this item, next I needed was some USB-C female connectors, again eBay, these both came from China (4 Weeks Post). The Anker cables and charger were from Amazon.

Step 2: Time to Open the Dock Up

The base of the charger had the rubber non-slip pad, this was only held down by tape. I was able to lift it up with a small flat blade screw driver.

Under the rubber non-slip part, there are two small philips crossed head screws underneath it, when these were undone you can get the small flat blade screw driver in where the screws were, now you should be able to lift up the base, this is where the weights are that hold the base down better.

Step 3: Making the Hole for the USB-C

After making note of the positive and negative, I go ahead and cut off the original USB cable.

In my unit from China, yellow is positive and the white negative. The magnets that are in this unit are very weak, so as i had some small ones i went ahead to fit them, REMEMBER though if you need to do this as well ensure the magnets don't short out the pins, I covered mine with blue installation tape, you can just see the tape and extra magnets.

I used my dremel to take away the plastic where the USB-C socket was going, I was hoping to have a tight fit, it seemed to turn out ok.

Step 4: Soldering & Hot Glue Time

Having cut out the hole, i had to remove some plastic on the inside so the USB could sit flat in the base. The third photo here is the USB-C socket been fitted, the top left pin was the negative and the bigger third pin along was the positive pin.

Step 5: Fitting the Base On

Here is where I had my first problem, the weight part of the base wouldn't fit now as the USB connector was in the way, so I had to remove the weight and the extra plastic holding them in. Sorry forgot to take a photo.

I also had my second problem, the glue was that hot it melted the installation tape, so i had to cut all the glue out and replace it.

After this I then filled the dock up with hot glue but in stages.

Step 6: The Finished Project

After the glue had set and cooled down I then tested it to insure all was still working well.

I now have a Samsung watch dock connecting via a now USB-C cable, this is also a much better and stronger one with that.

The outcome is a much better stronger dock, maybe not everyone would be bothered by this, however this is one less charger i now need to take with me whenever I go away.

I hope this is at good first instructable, please comment on how this looks.