San Choy Bow

Introduction: San Choy Bow

Vegan Tofu Lettuce Cups (San Choy Bow)Vegan Tofu Lettuce Cups (San Choy Bow)

There's just something so satisfying about these Vegan Tofu Lettuce Cups - aka, San Choy Bow. They are wonderfully tasty, filling and healthy. I love the crispy bite of the lettuce combined with the tofu mixture inside it. It's heaven on earth!

I've been a bit obsessed with vietnamese vegan dishes lately - I made some Bahn Mi Rolls last week, which were amazing, and I've got a Bahn Mi Salad in my mind at the moment too... I just love the flavours and how they go together, and it's making me really want to go to Vietnam again!

Vegan Tofu Lettuce Cups (San Choy Bow)

These San Choy Bow are a little bit spicy, but you can tone it down a bit by omitting or reducing the chilli flakes. Personally I love the zing it gives to this dish!

Our lettuce cups were a bit bigger - you could easily eat one for lunch (we did!), or you could make them smaller by using a smaller lettuce leaf (you could try it with baby cos instead!), and have them as an appetizer. They are delicious either way!

Vegan Tofu Lettuce Cups (San Choy Bow)

I love the water chestnuts in this - they are one of my favourite ingredients, and I don't use them as often as I'd like to! (anyone got any great water chestnut recipe ideas!?) I just love the crunch factor, and they really go well in this recipe!

Vegan Tofu Lettuce Cups (San Choy Bow)

Isn't mint one of the best herbs? I used the standard mint in this recipe, but if you want you could use vietnamese mint to give it a slightly different flavour. There are so many mints out there - one of my favourites is Japanese mint, which has a very intense minty smell - like, the nose clearing kind. Spearmint is also so great! I also just found out that there is a banana mint!

Vegan Tofu Lettuce Cups (San Choy Bow)

If you're making these as an entrée, you could pair it with a main of Vegan Beef Bean and Noodle Soup and then an Apple Tarte Tatin for dessert! Now we're talking!

Step 1:


1/4 Red Onion (diced finely)
1 Tbsp Ginger (finely chopped)
150g Firm Tofu (crumbled)
1 Carrot (julienned)
1 Spring Onion (chopped)
4 Baby Corns (chopped)
1/4 cup Water Chestnuts (roughly chopped)
1 Tbsp Peanut Oil
1 tsp Seseme Oil
1 tsp Tamari
1/2 tsp Chilli Flakes
1 tsp Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp Kecap Manis
1/4 cup Bean Shoots
3 cups Iceberg Lettuce

Heat the peanut oil in a non stick frying pan. Fry the red onion and ginger in a fry pan for a few minutes

Step 2:

Then add the tofu, carrot, spring onion, baby corns and water chestnuts

Step 3:

Add the sesame oil, tamari, chilli flakes, lemon juice and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce). Mix through well and cook for around 5 minutes

Step 4:

Add the mint and toss through for a minute or so. Turn off the heat

Step 5:

Get your lettuce cups ready in bowls or on a plate (use the inner, crispier leaves of the iceberg lettuce). Spoon the tofu mixture into the lettuce cups evenly

Step 6:

Top with Bean sprouts, more mint if desired, more chilli if desired and drizzle with kecap manis if desired

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    5 years ago

    Yum! Definitely a keeper! Thanks for sharing. :-)