Introduction: San Valentines Gift.. Acrylic and Leds!

Hi everybody, this is my first instructable and i wish u like it.
This project is a gift for my girlfriend in san valentines day and i finished today. I was inspired by "Deadly computer" in his "DIY LED Plexiglass Heart"
(link---> )

Hope u enjoy it!

Step 1: Get All the Materials.

1.- Dremel engraver (to make the letters in Acrylic)
2.- Acrylic
3.- Sharpie
4.- Ruler
5.- Dremel with:
  • Cutting accesories: 420, 426
  • Sanding accesories: 412, 430
*150 drill bit
6.- Cutter
7.- Case (to put the electronics inside)
8.- Hacksaw (to cut the acrylic.. best way i discover)
9.- Ac adaptor (i got one 12v, 600mA)
10.- Protoboard
11.- Leds (i choose 2 blue intense and 3 red)
12.- Wire
13.- Solder iron

Step 2: Make Your Design.

Make a simple word document with the letters you like or print a symbol or whatever you want to transfer in the acrylic sheet. Make some samples with different size to make the best result.

Cut the desired design and paste it with tape in the piece of acrylic. Take the dremel engraver and follow the line slowly. I recommend you to take little rest between letters to take air and to concentrate.

Step 3: Making the Case.

I got one case to put the electronics inside. Some people use the wood frame to case all that stuff.

Make a straight line in the top of the case where you�r gonna put the acrylic. I used the dremel 426 cutting accesory to do that. Make constant measurements to ensure that the acrylic fits tight to avoid movement.

Step 4: Make the Circuit in a Piece of Protoboard.

Just put the leds in series. I dont calculate resistor to make the leds look brigther.
Glue the protoboard into the case door. I use crazy glue to do that.
Align the leds so the light beam get into the center of the acrylic.

Step 5: Install the Ac Adaptor Jack

Solder two cables to the jack, one for the positive and the other for the negative.
Drill a hole in the case where you want to put the ac adaptor jack. I put it in the lower left so it
wouldnt stuck with anything inside or outside the case.
I recommend to glue at the final step the jack to the outside of the case, so you can make modifications fast.

Step 6: Final Things to Observe....

Now you are almost done with this instructable. The final observations are:
  • Align well the leds to the acrylic so you get a better view of the light.
  • Tight well the screws so it doesnt fall everithing that is inside.

Thanks for reading my first instructable.