Introduction: Sando Robot

✓ Arduino is a small electronic easy to use hardware, which can be programmed into implementing a lot of different ideas and projects for creative minds, and it gives life for our circuits by giving it commands to control a lot of different inputs and to produce desired outputs according for those inputs. ✓ So we confronted the basis of Arduino's microcontroller capabilities by creating an obstacle avoiding tri-wheeled car

Step 1:

Project Principles:
✓ By using sensors (ultrasonic) as our input maker to produce a desired output (turning before reaching a specific distance from an obstacle), and it's not just about inputs and outputs, As there is a lot of different aspects for this project, like: DC motors control and their huge power consumption, the direct relation with speed and power feed for the motors, creating the rotational movement for the car without the use for an axis 2 rotating motor for turning (implemented by software to exclude the unnecessary use of hardware "axis motor"), and the weight concerns for the car which we avoided by abandoning battery attachment on the car and using a direct connection with a carried power source (we can use a battery but it will be very slow ). ✓ NOTE: the following info about the project is described as if we used a battery as our power source.

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