Introduction: Sandy Candy Powerballs (Guilt-free Recipe)

Hi guys!

Today I prepared something that is not only delicious but comes with a multitude of health benefits (which I won't bore you with), can store for months, has a sandy-chewy texture and is a delight for health conscious sweet cravers! I stopped eating granola bars and the like since I've had a taste of these. Not only they taste delicious but their texture is also super reminds me of those semi-dry sandy beaches with tiny rocks & bits.

This is my mom's recipe and every ingredient used is packed with a load of nutrients. So you can beat that hunger with more than empty carbs.

Let's get started!



100g Edible gum pearls

100 g Dried dates

100 g Garden cress (halim) seeds

100 g Almonds

100 g Ghee/Clarified Butter

50 g Fenugreek seeds

700 g Jaggery

250 g Semolina

125 g Whole wheat flour

500 g Desiccated or freshly grated dry coconut

2 tsp Cardamom Powder

1 tsp Nutmeg powder

2 tbsp Carom seeds

Other Supplies:

Heavy bottom wok or pan

Large plate (to mix everything)

Spoon/spatula (for frying, mixing, etc.)

Notes: You can use the almonds & dates either chopped or as a coarse powder. Powdered makes the sandy balls easier to roll & shape; chopped gives them a rocky texture.

There's a variety of jaggery sold specially for candy-making... it's sticky, stretchy, and super messy. Please avoid that one. For this recipe we are using regular jaggery (refer to the link) or you can also use palm sugar, but it's less sweeter so adjust the measurement as per your preference!

The above quantities make around 90 pieces, size as shown in picture

Step 1: Turn Up the Heat..

    Heat up a heavy bottom pan or wok. Add ghee and sautee the edible gum pieces till they blow up and turn crispy. Keep the fried gum aside.

    In the leftover ghee, roast semolina on low flame till it leaves a delicious waft & turns slightly golden brown.

    Next, we're going to roast all the remaining dry ingredients (in the slightly oily wok) one after the other. I use the below sequence but you can also alter it in a better way:

    After semolina is done, take it out and roast the garden cress followed by dry nuts & fruits. Then carom seeds, fenugreek, followed by coconut and lastly, wheat flour

    Empty the wok of flour and use it to melt the jaggery. Keep stirring on a medium flame till it melts & turns smooth.

    Because we heat up everything, these candy balls can last very long (unless you get addicted to them, like me). Remember to keep everything dry & moisture free too..

    Mood saving tip: If you're working with edible gum for the first time..after you fry them up, they look like a golden crispy heaven that you won't feel like resisting. However, before you go popping some in your mouth, DON'T! Just, don't..I regretted it immediately. Thank you.

    Step 2: Dry Mix

    Before mixing everything, crush the fried gum pearls roughly in your palm... bubble wrap poppers would enjoy this a lot.

    Grind fenugreek into a coarse powder. If you don't like chunky bits, go ahead and powder the almonds & dates too.

    Take a huge plate and mix together all the dry ingredients.

    Step 3: Bind It!

    Now we'll use the jaggery melt to bind everything together. This will add sweetness & make it easy to shape.

    Pour the dry mix (step 2) into the hot melt and combine everything with a spatula. Five minutes of this and you can call it an arm day.

    You can literally stop here, skipping the next step and eat it like an addictive trail mix, if you will.

    Step 4: Round 'Em Up...

    While the mix is still warm, shape into roundish balls.

    The texture might be a bit rough (I call them sandy balls for a reason), so I'll suggest use gloves if you have supper soft hands!

    If it feels too dry though, melt some more jaggery and pour it in to soften the mixture and make it easier to shape.

    Set aside to cool down and jar them up later. Don't forget to indulge daily!

    Hava a yummy day :)
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