Introduction: Sanitize Reminder

With the coronavirus outbreak, it is important to always remember to sanitize your hands before entering your house to prevent any bacteria you get in public areas to enter your household. To remind people to sanitize before entering an area, I have created a sanitize reminder. When the sanitize reminder detects people entering but the sanitizer bottle isn't taken, it will send an alarming beep noise and a led light will light up to remind people to take the bottle and spray their hands will sanitizing alcohol before entering.

Step 1: Prepare All the Materials Neeeded

For the machine

1. Jumper wires (at least 10) (Find one here)

2. Arduino Leonardo x1 (Find one here)

3. Breadboard x1 (Find one here)

4. Led light x1 (Find one here)

5. 100 ohms resistors x1 (Find one here)

6. 1k ohms resistors x1 (Find one here)

7. Ultrasonic Distance Sensor x1 (Find one here)

8. Photoresistor x1 (Find one here)

9. Vibration Motor x1 (Find one here)

For decoration

1. A box large enough to hold the whole thing

2. Paper for decorating the box (Optional)

3. Scissors

4. Exacto knife

5. Books (if needed to elevate the height of the machine within the box)

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Build the circuit according to the picture provided above

Step 3: Upload the Code

Upload the code in this link:

After uploading the code, test if the circuit work. If the circuit work, it should have the affect shown above.

Step 4: Decorate and Wrap the Machine

I used colored paper to cover the box and decorate it, but you can just find any random box and drill holes for the led light and the photoresistor to stick out.

Step 5: And Now You Are Done!

You have made yourself a sanitize reminder!