Introduction: Santa Claus Face Paint

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Making that list and checking it twice will be a piece of cake when you paint your face just like the jolly old Saint Nick himself!

Step 1: Start With Pink Blush

First, I used light pink paint (Mehron Paradise) to add a blush of color to my cheeks and nose. You can also use a regular pink blush or eyeshadow that has a heavy amount to pigment to make the color pop out. Make sure you don't use too much; you just want to blend a little bit throughout the face.

Step 2: Santa's Hat

Next, I used a large flat brush and red paint (Mehron Paradise) to make the shape of Santa's hat.

Step 3: Add White Features

Then, using a sponge and white paint (Mehron Paradise), I stipple in the cotton ball hanging on the end of the hat, and a beard. I also used some more white and a round pointed brush to paint over my eyebrows.

Step 4: Outline With Black

Then, I used black to outline Santa's hat, and add some hairy texture to the cotton ball end and beard.

Step 5: Add Glasses

Finallly, I used more black to make the glasses, and finished them off with a few white highlights on the glass parts.

Step 6: Ho-Ho-Ho!

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane!

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