Santa Clicker

Introduction: Santa Clicker

This is a medium effort to put in, it took me about an hour to make it.

Step 1: Costume

You will need to pick a sprite for clicking, mine is Santa. Copy and paste it twice for the cloning. This download will give you the sprite.

Step 2: Sizing

Your first going to make it so when your mouse hovers over the sprite it enlarges. You will also create 2 messages that will be used later.

Step 3: Sound

Next add a variable, CLICKED for all sprites. Then go into the sound editor, the top of the page says sound click it. When you get into the sounds page it may have a sound in it, that is okay and you can delete it. Now click the "Choose a Sound" button, it has a magnifying glass on it. When you get into it search for "finger snap". Then click it.

Step 4: Clicked

Then code in the When this sprite clicked block.

Step 5: Enlarging

Next use this rotating piece to make it so it can rotate. This Rotate block does not use screen refresh.

Step 6: Sprites

Create variables x, y and speed y for this sprite only.

Step 7: Cloning

Next code in this big block of code. This controls the clones when you press Santa. You change the costume so it will not glitch. The pick random blocks that say pick random from 2 to 7 and -2 to -7 can be changed. They just should be the same ex: 9 to 15 and -9 to -15. This controls how far away the Santa cloning can go, the less gap the less the varied changing for x.

Step 8: Record

Add a record block to the bottom of the when green flag clicked. Then make the RECORD variable for cloud variable (all sprites). BEWARE NEW USERS CAN NOT DO THIS AND WILL NEED TO SKIP THIS STEP. Then make the Records Code.

Step 9: Sprites

In Scratch clicking games there are 2 things to usually buy, increase click power and increase automatic points. These 2 I will show you. These downloads will give you the sprites.

Step 10: Shop

First, code the Green flag clicked.

Step 11: Shop +1 Code

Next create this for the automatically changing your clicking rate. Change the 2 circled blue numbers to change the price.

Step 12: Shop Auto +1 Code Variable

Next make a variable named auto click, make it for THIS SPRITE ONLY.

Step 13: Shop Auto +1 Code

Finally do the 2 costume and the auto-click code.

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