Introduction: Santa Dreaming Snowball

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There's something fascinating about snow balls! They let us see beautiful snowy scenes without getting your nose frozen. I'll show you how to make one with a very peculiar scene.

Step 1: Materials

Big cookie jar with lid

Little Santa ornament

Double sided tape

Fake snow

Fake pine tree branch

Little red beads

Gold and silver crystal beads

Glue gun



Step 2: Prepare Santa

This piece was an ornament I used in my tree for many years. First of all take the string off so it doesn't look like a Christmas tree decoration anymore. Under the bed put two strips of double sided tape one on top of the other. What we want is to make the ornament look higher so it doesn't get sunk in the snow.

Place the lid of your jar upside down and glue Santa on it.

Do it carefully! We don't want to wake him up!

Step 3: Christmas Trees

We're going to use the pine tree branch to make two little Christmas trees. Cut the branch with your wire to the height you want them to have. Then use your scissors to shape them to have a triangular shape like a pine tree.

Glue little red beads all over them and add the gold and silver beads on top to simulate the Christmas stars.

Glue your trees to the lid beside Santa's bed.

Step 4: Snow

Put the snow in your jar like .5 or 1 inch from the bottom. Close the jar with the lid and don't turn it around yet.

Step 5: Glue Lid

Use the glue gun to put glue all around the lid to seal it and avoid the snow coming out. When you finish you can turn it around and see the magical scene!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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