Sapporo Miso Ramen

Introduction: Sapporo Miso Ramen

I created this video while I was a camera operator for an independent travel show called  While staying at a guest house in Tokyo a resident of the house, Mr. Izumi, created many dishes for us while we were there and this was just one.  Enjoy!

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu :) Music by Tettix

2 Pork by the block
1/2 cup Sake (sorry for the misspelling in the video)
10 Ramen noodles packages and mixed miso sauce
10 Eggs
Ground Chicken
grated garlic paste
bean sprouts
baby bamboo shoots

2 Pork sections by the block
Pepper all sides
Salt all sides
Fry fatty side down on high heat, cook all sides until brown
Turn down to med. heat and add favorite saki
add water to pan until just about even high of meat
Cover and let boil for 2 hours on med heat
Take meat our of pan and put into separate bowl
Pour remaining juices from pan into separate pan.
Cover and let sit over night

Uncover oil and scoop out the fat, put into separate bowl (this will be used for cooking the vegetables)
Put remaining oil back onto burner and turn onto med heat
Boil eggs, de-shell and put into pan with oil, Cook for 10 minutes
Let eggs sit in sauce for 3 hours

Chop leeks and separate the green side from the white (the white will be used for toppings, the green will be used for cooking)
Heat sauce pan and put gelled fat into pan for frying, add garlic paste, then add green leeks
Stir leeks and garlic paste, then add in ground chicken, stir together and crush chicken meat into leeks and garlic sauce
Add egg juices to pan but do not add the eggs
Stir together then add boiling water to pan (fill pan nearly to top)

Put bean sprouts into frying pan, add some of the juices form the chicken, leek, garlic broth, cook for about 10 minutes then pout juices back into pan

Cut the cooled park meat into small slices (enough so everyone gets 3 pieces per ramen)
Slice boiled eggs into two halves
Add the miso soup mixture into a serving bowl
Start cooking ramen noodles in separate pots
Pour Chicken, Leek, garlic mixture into serving bowls onto Miso mixture until about half full

Time to act quickly as the ramen noodles will soak up all the miso juices

Add the ramen noodles to the bowls filled with Miso and Chicken/Leek/Garlic mixture
Add Bean Sprouts on top to one side of bowl
Add 2 half eggs to top on another side
Add baby bamboo shoots to other side
Add white chopped leeks to bowl
Add 3 slices of meat to bowl

Serve and eat quickly before the Ramen soaks up all the juices!


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I wish my first try looked as good as yours but still it was really tasty "D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    All that did is make me supper hungry :) I will have to try this all that prep and the final result just looked yummy!!Good job..


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a good instructable, it just seems like it should be organized a bit better.
    1.) See if you can break the instructions into steps.... ie;
    - 1.) Video
    - 2.) Ingredients
    - 3.) step1
    - etc.
    2.) You could also try adding screen shots to each of the steps to (just take an informational frame from the video).

    Otherwise, (aside from the fact the ingredients might be hard to find in the states) this looks really good. Though it's strangely similar to the ramen shown in Naruto (if your into anime). I will try this if I can find the ingredients (though I suppose some could be substituted). - ry25920


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the tips RY25920. I'll try to rework the video when I get some time. I'm not sure if I can add more pics as I only have the free account. I'll see if there's any other options within the account as I put it up late at night and didn't browse the options too much.