Satan From South Park Pinata.. I Mean PiÑata Easy

Introduction: Satan From South Park Pinata.. I Mean PiÑata Easy

I made this pinata a little while back.. i wanted to post it because is an easy interactive prop... you can use it for decoration.. or you can fill it up with candy, small liquor bottles.. or bunch of other stuff.. and have someone destroy it!! while everyone watches for fun..

I usually let the drunk people hit the pinata.. since i dont hang out with kids.. (please note! use a small stick if you do this with drunk people)

anyways all you needs a square box... u used a jumbo cereal box.. cut the sides of it and glued a printed face and shorts.. i also used some paper towel centers as arms and legs.. but you can use some rolled up cardboard...

Please note that the ticker the box.. the harder it will be to break.. so please dont use regular cardboard boxes to make it unless you wanna be there all day..

Since i did this inside of my condo.. and didnt have a three accessible.. i used two 2 by 1 6 feet pieces of wood and a rope.. had two people use the sticks to move around the pinata to make it more fun

Step 1: Pick Your Box and Cut It

here are some boxes.. like i said i used a jumbo size box.. but i forgot to take a picture before i covered it.. this boxes will work... it just depends on how big of a pinata do you want

the second box shows how i cut the box.. you can patch the holes with some masking tape or some painters tape.. i would try to reuse the same box.. or some cardboard

Step 2: Pick Your Paper and Cut It

So people use a lot of different papers for pinatas i use gift bag stuffing paper or crepe paper.. just folded a couple of times and then cut cut cut... the finer the paper is cut the puffiers it will be.. i keep my chunks and cuts kinda big because your hand will start hurting lol

Step 3: Glue the Paper

i glued the paper using elmers glue.. you can use something cheaper.. but thats all i had.. pretty much every liquid glue will work.. i wouldnt use stick glue...

Step 4: Print and Destroy... or Decorate

i used my pinata as decoration.. but once it got late we destroy it!!

print this little mask... and pants i provided here for you

glue it to your pinata,,, cut a hole in the back.. tie a rope and glue it you the upper neck of your pinata and have fun

remember if you do this in a small place.. use a small stick... dont use golf clubs for crying out loud.. (i know some one that did)

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