Introduction: Satay Chicken

Simple to cook Satay Chicken

Step 1: Harvest Your Ingredients


3 Boneless Chicken Breasts
Cooking Oil (not pictured)
Sweet Chili Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Minced Garlic
Coconut Milk
Peanut Butter (not pictured)


NOTE: I personally prefer the Panda Brand Oyster Sauce but any Oyster Sauce should do. They do taste different however, so you may want to experiment a little first. All these ingredients should be in your local grocery store (the Sweet Chili Sauce and Oyster Sauce should be in your Asian section. If your store has no Asian section maybe you can ask an Asian friend. If you have no Asian friends, then make an Asian friend). The Peanut Butter can be excluded if you have a peanut butter allergy. It should still taste great. 

This goes great with rice so if you are thinking of that then a good idea would be to cook the rice as you prepare this dish since it doesn't take too long to prepare. 

Step 2: Cut Up Chicken and Onion

-Cut the chicken breast into bite size chunks. 

-For 3 chicken breasts, one clove of onion is enough. However, it is really up to your taste. Some people love a ton of onions and I've eaten it that way before and it tastes fine. I haven't tried it without onions though. 

Step 3: Adding Chicken and Onions

- set the stove to medium high to high heat

- add 2 tablespoons of oil

- add the chicken. You will want to make sure the chicken is cooked all the way through before you proceed to the next step because once you add the oyster sauce in it will be hard to tell if the chicken is cooked. Make sure the chicken has turned color and if you need to, cut a few in half to see if they're cooked on the inside.

- add the onions 

Note: you should start seeing a lot of water boiling out. Don't worry about that. It should actually work to keep the food from drying out completely. 

Step 4: The Sauces

- set the stove to medium heat 

- add 3/4 cup of oyster sauce

- add 3/4 cup of sweet chili sauce

- stir the pot until it is evened out

Step 5: The Spices

- add 2 teaspoons of minced garlic 

- add a dash of ginger 

- stir

Step 6: The Extra Touch

Note: As mentioned before, if you are allergic to peanut butter, then it is not recommended that you add peanut butter.

- add one tablespoon of coconut milk. You want to make sure the coconut milk is complimentary to the dish and that it doesn't overpower the other tastes (unless of course, you like it that way).

- add one teaspoon of peanut butter and stir

- let the whole thing cook for a minute longer

- taste test it. You should be able to taste every ingredient 

Step 7: The Dish

And there you have it. Enjoy.

Or if it tastes weird, try try again.