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Introduction: Saturnus Puzzle Solution and 3D Print Files

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For anybody that follows me, you have probably noticed that I've been on a puzzle kick the last few years. I usually build them from wood but this puzzle was part of a prize pack from Instructables for a puzzle contest I entered a while back.

I did solve this on my own but it took longer than I'd like to admit. After finishing, I took a look at the solution sheet and realized it wouldn't have helped much since it lacked most of the steps.

Hopefully, these instructions will help you if you get stuck solving your own puzzle. While I was at it, I pulled the dimensions and modeled it up in CAD. I added a few features to make it look nicer but mostly they were included to reduce print material. I've included the STL files for 3D Printing and STEP files for those that would like to modify the design - see last two steps. ** I will give an Instructables premium membership for the first person that 3D prints my design and post a picture of it in the comments.**

If you can't follow the pictures, this video shows the wood version being solved.

Step 1: Parts - Wood

There are six pieces of which five are unique.

Step 2: Parts - CAD

Note that I show CAD views along with the pictures for each step. The letter references (A-E) shown here are called out at the steps. On a side note, besides the two large cutouts, these parts should match the wood design.

Step 3: Solution - Steps 1 & 2

Add Part E to Part A. Note the location of the notch on Part E.

Step 4: Solution - Step 3

Add Part C to the assembly. Note that the slot on Part C goes over the narrow section of Part A.

Step 5: Solution - Step 4

There are two D Parts. Add one as shown. Note that "L" shaped slot after finishing this step. If you don't have it, back out and figure out what you did wrong.

Step 6: Solution - Step 5

Slide the tab of Part B into the "L slot".

Step 7: Solution - Step 6

Here is the tricky part. You will need to rotate D1 by 90 degrees in order to insert the last piece.

Step 8: Solution - Step 7

Add the second D Part. Rotate D1 back.

Step 9: Solution - Step 7

You are done!

Step 10: Solution Summary

If you buy or print the puzzle, you might want to print out this sheet for reference.

As always, thanks for viewing!

Step 11: STL Files

Print one of A, B, C & E. Print two D parts

Step 12: STEP Files

If you modify anything, please post your creation :).

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    2 years ago

    Very nice. Easy and relatively quick to print at 0.20mm with 15% infill. A slightly tighter tolerance would be nice, but I guess that would make the rotations of D1 rather tricky.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Nice job - I like the colors. I considered tighter tolerances but as you stated, rotating would be tough. My wood version is loose as well.


    3 years ago

    This is a follow-up to my previous post after assembly. This printed and assembled very easily. Waiting to hear back.
    I will give an Instructables premium membership for the first person that 3D prints my design and post a picture of it in the comments.

    Assembled Puzzle.jpg

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! Check your inbox.