Introduction: Saute Egg Salad

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A healthy breakfast alternative or mid-day snack. Prepared within 15 minutes and delicious. With as little as 3 main ingredients and 2 types of seasoning, it doesn't take much to whip up this meal.



3 Eggs

1 Head pop chow

2 Dozen string beans


1/2 Teaspoon Sea salt

1 Teaspoon all-purpose seasoning

1 Teaspoon of butter







Cutting board

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients & Utensils

We first need to gather the ingredients. I used pow chow, string bean, and eggs to create this salad however, you could use your choice of vegetables.

Step 2: Washing Vegetables

Before the meal is prepared, the vegetables need to be cleaned. The bowl is filled with water enough to cover the vegetables. 1 teaspoon of salt is added. I then rub them together to remove any dirt and debris. They are then rinsed off with clean water.

Step 3: Chopping Vegetables

I then use a sharp knife to cut the vegetables on the cutting board.

Step 4: Preparing Eggs

The 3 eggs are cracked into a bowl and 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt is added and 1 tablespoon of all-purpose seasoning. Whisk the eggs to mix the seasoning.

Step 5: Cooking Down

The pot is placed on the fire and 1 teaspoon of butter is added. Once the butter has melted, the chopped vegetables are added and stirred continually for 3-5 minutes on medium heat.

Step 6: Add Egg & Seasoning

Once the vegetable is partially cooked, the egg and seasoning mix is added. They are then mixed together and stirred continually for another 3-5 minutes on medium heat or until the egg has become solid.

Step 7: Dish & Enjoy

In 7-10 minutes the meal will be ready to serve. Enjoy with a side of your favorite fruit and start the day right, healthy and tasty.

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