Introduction: Save $200 in 2 Minutes and Have the Worlds Best Writing Pen

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transform a $3 pen into a $200 pen in just seconds. Mont Blanc pens are the worlds finest writing pens but they make specialized refills so you must buy their $200+ pens to use their amazing ink...until now. This is the easiest hack/adaptation to give anyone the king's writing ink.

Step 1:

Go out and find a Mont Blanc pen you like. Ask the salesperson to let you write with it...nice, huh? Now ask the price. When you've gotten over the sticker-shock, leave and go back to your good old G2. Remember what life was like before G2? The pens were cheap and the ink was like cheese. G2s were the best thing since clickable mechanical pencils. Even after we all had G2s, I still admired the uber-extravagant Mont Blanc people. Their pens were so smooth, they nearly wrote by themselves. Alas, at $200-$2000 a pen, that miraculous ink was out of the reach of the common man.....until now.

Step 2: Buy, Don't Shoplift.

Purchase the brand new G2 Pro and Mont Blanc Rollerball refills from your local office supply store. Cost: G2 Pro=$3, double Mont Blanc refil=$12

Step 3: Consider the Lillies.

Think about your life...are you pretentious? If you are, buy a standard retractable G2, so you can see the Mont Blanc brand name through the semi-opaque handle. If you are not, congratulations, you live for function and not form.

Step 4: Disassemble Pen.

If you need help here, ask a 5 year old.

Step 5: If You Don't Have a 5 Year Old, Make One.

(this step may take a while)

Step 6: One of These Is Not Like the Other.

Laying inks side by side, notice the similarities...hmmm...notice the difference? You're right. The Mont Blanc has about 1/8 inch of extra plastic on the end.

Step 7: I Hope You Spent More Time Noticing the Similarities Than the Differences Because We All Have a Lot More in Common Than Different, Even Though We Aren't All Pens....

Step 8: Dial 911

(Due to the violent nature of this step, we have not included a picture) Using any sharp implement (scissors, knife, axe, etc) cut the refil to be the same length as the original ink. (please use adult supervision)

Step 9: Compare Again

When you are done with step 8, it should look like this.

Step 10: Here Is the Tough Part.

Now here is where it gets tricky...reassemble the pen. Now, before you do that, switch the refills so that instead of the original ink, you put the Mont Blanc refil inside the G2 pen. If it doesn't work properly, repeat step 8.

Step 11: Save the World

Save the world by taken your original ink and recycling it at your local ink recycling center...or give it to a homeless person so they can take notes on their rantings.

Step 12: Enjoy

Enjoy the fact that you have one of the world's finest writing instruments without the pompus shiny band names and logos on it. Way to go, common man.
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