Introduction: Save Big Money! Buy Online!

You wont believe the money I've seen wasted on poor research, trips to those fancy stores or that pesky impulse buying. Huge discounts are only a few clicks away. Unfortunately those websites are not exactly jumping out at you so lucky for you I've put together a few great websites to help you save BIG when buying online!

Step 1: Decide on What You Want to Purchase

Decide on what your budget is and what your willing to spend. Consider the great savings you'll receive toward what you wanted to spend as well. Not sure on what to buy? I got you covered. When researching for the best price, always write down the lowest price you found and the website on where you found it and try to beat that price till you can't! Remember to make sure you know the items condition before you purchase. This will effect the price. Consider buying used or refurbished for the real extra savings. Lets move on to the next step.

Step 2: Lets Start Off With an Instant Discount or Coupon

Even your groceries deserve a discount. These coupon websites offer great discounts on your local or online stores. Weather it be anything from groceries to a laptop, these sites offer coupon or percentage discounts. WOW!! If a website your on gives you the choice to enter in a discount code or something similar than chances are a simple google search can get you those codes as well.

Not what your looking for? Lets move on shall we!

Step 3: General Deals, Freebies, Rebates, Bargains and Limited Time Offers

These next sites are updated daily with general hot deals. This is good to use if your browsing on what to buy or you could do a search for a specific item as well. Big savings here.

Step 4: I Know Exactly What I Want. Where Do I Go?

Here are some favorites of mine for specific searches and a little about each website.
Here you can search a product and Google gives you stores in different groups with lowest to highest price. These can be sorted to your liking and compared. Also gives store rating.
New or used goods. Great deals
Very similar to Google shopping. Compare prices to see if you find lower
Shopping search engine
This one is great for laptops or computers
Local buying. You can find some major deals here in your own neighborhood
Video games
Now i didn't want to really post sites to far off from the US but this one is too great to pass up if you don't mind a decent wait. Check it out
All your electronics needs here
Wholesale clothes

Probably my favorite one out of all is
Here you can set your price and search a bunch of wesbites for the cheapest price

Step 5: I Want to Negotiate for My Price!

Of course you always have your auction sites here which very well could save you the most money out of all sites.
Possibly the best site for deals
Live auction site.

Live auction site

Step 6: Thats All Folks

I hope i have pointed you to the right direction on massive savings. Next time you go to the store you will think of this Instructable and the savings you will get when buying online.
Many sites are tax free as well which is something to consider. I hope i have brought many families more stuff to enjoy!